Wear Summer Footwear for Delhi Winters: Socks in Sandals Trend

This winter don’t put your summer strappy sandals, peep toes and heels at the back of your shoe closet. Yes, winters officially means it is time to bring out the boots and the closed shoes. But Hey! You can also wear the summery strappy footwear comfortably during the cold months, without freezing to death. 

Our easy tips will help you to transition your summer footwear for the biting cold of Delhi, without letting your toes turn blue or numb. All you need to get started are some great pairs of socks, stockings, panty hose and tights that will keep your feet covered. When top fashion houses announce that socks in sandals are the way to do it this year, you can rock this fashion trend easily!

The socks with sandals combo is typically associated with fanny pack–strapped dads on a family Disney vacation—not an It girl. Yet Kendall Jenner proved that notion wrong on Saturday when she stepped onto the red carpet in Cannes wearing ankle hose with her strappy Jimmy Choo stilettos. 

While hers is an arguably extreme example, due to the Giambattista Valli couture dress, slipping on a playful pair of socks with your kitten heels or peep toes doesn’t actually have to be so over the top. Somewhere between your embarrassing father and the leggy model, there lies a cool middle ground.

1. Solid on Solid

Wear your solid coloured strappy sandals with socks in solid hues, this makes for a becoming combination and is a great way to wear your summer shoes with ease in winter.

Wearing socks with sandals is often considered a fashion taboo but for me, it depends on how you pull it off. It is always best with combining two colors that compliment each other, while adding a charm to your overall look. Moreover, if you are comfortable in pulling off those socks, don't give a damn about what others think. That's all fashion is about, making your own statement!

2. Go Funky

You can wear the funkiest of your shoes in winters too. In fact, sandals that you think look too summery can be made to look even more uber cool by pairing them with vibrant and printed socks.

You can also wear your PVC, transparent and see through sandals with eye catching socks to give it an entirely different look.

It is time to flaunt all your colorful knee high and ankle length socks. You can buy some more as well if you want. Brands like Forever 21 are full of colorful funky socks. You can wear solid colors, vertical lines, horizontal lines, color blocks, printed and quirky designs socks. 

3. Cute Combos

You can pair just about any type of socks with any summer shoes.

4. Pair them up with fishnet, lace and sequins

Wearing your summer footwear with fishnet, lace and sequin stockings and panty hose are a great way to make them winter ready.

5. Posh it up

Who said you can't look chic, elegant and classy if you wear your strappy heels with leg coverings!

In fact, even basic open sandals can look amazing if you know how to do it right. 

Enjoy your summer footwear even in winters with an ease. Just grab yourself lots of colorful and funky looking socks and you are good to go!

Lots of Love!!!