Gillette Simply Venus Razor: Review First Time Shave

Hey girls!

So finally I lost my shaving virginity and it was weird. I have been hearing so many stories about girls using razor to shave off their hair not just on legs or arms, but from everywhere. Advertisements claiming shaving is better than other hair removal processes, real women sharing their experiences in shows, news and blogs. I was intimidated by all of them, but scared too.

As many of us I also had some doubts about shaving.
  • Will it scar my skin?
  • Will it make my hair grow thicker?
  • Is it going to give me razor bumps?
  • Oh what if I get cut?

Putting all the issues at rest, I finally went out and bought a razor. There were so many options to choose from and the colors. I thought it will be decently priced just like the guy razors are, but to my surprise (or not so surprise since women products are priced high everywhere) it was very expensive. Since it is the first time, so I chose a disposable razor, Gillette Simply Venus razor which was cheapest from the lot to be true. I was not sure if I will like it or not so spending more on a razor was out of question for me. 

Price Rs. 55 for one single disposable razor

Gillette is known for its quality shaving products and the razor was definitely good. 

My Experience

I was really scared to use that razor for the first time. Read so many articles and blogs, saw various videos to learn how to do it properly. It seemed like I am trying to decode a complicated formula or something. But when the time came to actually shave, it was scary. Standing in the shower with razor in my hand and thinking how to do it, I hope you can relate to my experience. However, I overcame my fear and used it.

There was no shaving cream handy so I used my shower gel, but there are many other alternatives such as body cream, moisturizers and coconut oil. 

It was not that difficult but you do need some practice to be good at it. I cut myself around ankles, so I think you need to be careful in places you cannot reach easily. As per my experience, one needs to be swift in shaving. If you will go too slow it increases chances of cutting. Keep your hand steady as much as possible. 

So What I experienced:
  • No roughness afterward.
  • It was pretty easy and I think I can do it on a normal basis with some practice
I am not a very hair girl so the shave was pretty easy. It took me about 5-10 minutes to do both my legs and armpits ( I don't shave my arms). 

After-Shave Experience

Fearing that my hair will grow back thicker, I was waiting for the regrowth. But, it was normal, like before. After shaving it lasted for about 1 week on underarms. For legs it has been about 20 days now and it is still pretty smooth with few stray hairs here and there. My hair growth is a bit slow so it can differ for other girls.

Overall, I think shaving is pretty cheap option as compared to other hair removal options. Hair removal cream costs me about Rs. 165 for 4 uses in a month approx. Waxing strips from Veet lasts for 3 months costing 175 bucks. And the hassle of using both!

I think I will switch to shaving from now on and buy myself a nice kit (costing around 200-250 bucks). It is convenient and cheap, both!

If you are also doing it for the first time, you need to keep these things in mind:
  • Moisturize your skin well while shaving. Otherwise you will be left with rough skin and bumps.
  • Do not use soap, but a good shower gel, bathing foam, coconut oil, body cream or shaving cream are a good option. I used my shower gel.
  • Be careful around ankles and places you are not able to reach. I cut myself around ankles while doing and it did hurt.
  • Do not shave at one place one to many times, it can cause rashes.
  • Keep washing your razor while shaving. Hair will stuck in the blades making it difficult to give you smooth shave.
  • Moisturize after shaving to prevent dryness. 
  • Wash razor in Dettol antiseptic liquid to be safe.

What are your shaving experiences? What is your best hair removal option? Share with me!

Lots of Love!!!