Henna Inspired Nail Art Designs

Henna or Mehandi is an immense part of Asian and Middle Eastern culture. It is used to decorate the hands of the bride for the wedding and by women and girls in these region, marking the auspicious occasion. In the western countries, Henna tattoos are getting very popular, adding twists and turns with white henna and glitter henna designs.

These beautiful henna designs are not restricted for the body only. We, the nail art lovers know how to take things a step further and henna is nothing different for us. Henna design inspired nail art designs are a great way to adorn our tiny canvases, especially when you have nothing else in mind. Henna nail art designs look very intricate and difficult but doing them is very easy. You can do them with a simple nail art pen with a fine tip or go a notch higher and create the design using a nail art brush, if you have the expertise.

Have a look at these henna inspired nail art designs and recreate them on your nails!

Henna Design Nail Art on Turquoise Nails

Henna Design Nail Art on Nude Nails

Henna Nail Art Design with Matte Finish

Henna Nail Art Design on White Nails

Henna Nail Art Design on Red Nails

You can create henna nail art design on any background using color of your choice. Add some rhinestones and foil pattern for unique look.Since wedding season is not very far away, these are a must try for your traditional look. You may also find many Indian wedding vendors here

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