Trending Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas for 2017

Fall season marks the beginning of all the celebrations and festivities. With soothing colors all around, season changing, chill in the air and festivities going around, it is time to color your nails with the festive themes. If you are eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving, why not spend that time perfecting thanksgiving inspired nail art with these trending thanksgiving nail art ideas.

Delicate french manicures to crazy stamping, there is everything for you to try your hands on. Grab all the fall colored nail polishes from the stores before they are gone and start with these gorgeous manicure ideas!

Marble Turkey Manicure

Wanna try something different for turkey nail art? Do turkey tail with marble effect. I really like this accent nail art done with water marble turkey tail. You can keep it shiny or matte it with matte top coat.

Other option for water marble turkey tail nail art is this one where you do the marble effect on all your nails.

Crazy Cute Scarecrow Nail Art

Thanksgiving is also a harvesting celebration so if you own a farm or a farming enthusiast who loves locally grown organic food, or someone who finds scarecrows damn cute, this is the nail art for you.

Glitter Thanksgiving Nails

Love glitters? Apply all your favorite muted fall colors such as cream, browns, greys and top them with glitter top coat in fall colors. Anything with lots of orange, copper, gold, and brown will do the trick for a gorgeous thanksgiving nail art.

Maple Leaves Nail Art With Gradient Effect

This sunset inspired Thanksgiving nail art with maple leaves is perfect for the occasion.

Gradient effect on all the nails showing the changing colors of leaves during fall season can be your inspiration for Thanksgiving nail art. If you are unable to draw the leaves, try stamping them.

Chevron/ Tribal Fall Inspired Nail Art

Grab a thanksgiving themed stamping plate and do a reverse stamping nail art by coloring the gaps with lots of yellows, oranges, browns and whites. You will love the unique effect it adds to your nails.

Chevron stamping nail art done using lots of fall inspired colors for Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims and Indians Nail Art

If you are into cartoon nail arts, this can be a good option for your thanksgiving nail art. Draw little Indians, pilgrims and turkey and enjoy all the compliments.

Golden french manicure on wine red nails

If you are planning a black tie event or have to attend party at your boss's house, this can be your go to choice for Thanksgiving nail art. Paint your nails with wine red nail polish and do a french tip manicure with golden nail polish. You can also do half moon with golden nail polish instead of french tips.

Stripes Please!

From dark to light, do a stripes nail art for Thanksgiving. It is easy, colorful and elegant. You can do it for all your nails or for the accent finger nail only.

Abstract Turkey Nail Art

If the desire to go full-Thanksgiving is strong, suppress the need to paint mini turkeys and pumpkin pies with this abstract take.

Fall Leaves Nail Art

Fall season is so colorful and around Thanksgiving, it can be your inspiration. Color your naills nude and decorate them with fallen leaves or fall colored leves on the branches. Oranges, yellows, browns, reds and so many colors to try!

Try all these nails or chose the one that catches your eye most. Share your Thanksgiving manicure with me by tagging Crazy Nailzz on Instagram. My Instagram profile URL is and IG handle is @crazy.nailzz

Lots of Love!!!