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MyGlamm Lit Matte Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatch | Bright Lipcolors for Winters

Hello, my lovelies! As you all know, Crazy Nailzz is not only about nail polishes, we also love lipsticks. So in today's blog, I am here with the MyGlamm Lit lipstick range, liquid and bullet.  I got 4 lip colours from this brand. But there were tons of colours available and I was literally confused. I mean this brand offers such a huge range of lip colors, including yellows and purples and whatnot. This is heaven for a face makeup artist or Comicon makeup artist. But I got the usual shades from the brand. And let's review them ahead.  Before we begin, recently I noticed that some websites started to copy content from my blog's feed and post the entire content as theirs. The sad part is, they never give credits and sometimes google prioritizes them over my website. So, if you recognise my nails and content, please let me know. Also, I request you save my content on your Pinterest as well. It will help me establish authenticity. About the brand Backed by one of Europe's

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