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Taking Care Of That Skin When It Lock-down

When you are under lock-down for avoiding all kinds of community transmission or personal transmission, it is important to maintain a healthy outlook. With stress and worry, your skin can bear the biggest hit during all this so, I thought of sharing some of my favorite skincare tips that I have been following while in quarantine.

Follow a strict skincare regime

You can create a simple skincare regime when you are in quarantine. No need for anything too rigorous, but whatever you do, make sure to follow it strictly. Clean your skin properly, moisturize it and avoid touching it. Even when you are not going outside, this is really important for your skin. This is crucial for sensitive acne-prone skin.

Never Skip Eye cream

This might seem unnecessary at times but using an eye cream is essential for all of us these days. we spend most of our time in front of screens which puts pressure on our eyes and skin around it. Moreover, by rubbing your eyes you might develop dark circles. So to pre…

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