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Try Three Step Routine To Get Rid Of Tanning This Summer with EarthRaga Ubtan + Turmeric Range

During the summer season, tanning is one of the major skin-related problems. Due to sun exposure, your skin looks dull. It loses its natural glow and even has dry patches here and there. Even wearing sunscreen cannot protect your skin fully if you are an outdoorsy person. Especially college girls and working women face this issue. They wrap their faces in scarves and carry umbrellas. Yet, it is next to impossible to avoid tanning. Not just women, but for men as well it is a major issue. Your hands, feet and face get visible tan lines in a single day of sun exposure. Imagine what it will do during the summer months.  If you want to avoid getting tanned skin, I have a few easy ways to achieve it. Ubtan + Haldi or turmeric is an age-old tried and tested way of removing dull tanned skin and getting glowing skin. Our nanis and dadis have been using it to look beautiful without monthly facials. And you don't need to spend hours making ubtan with some readily available organic skincare pr

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