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Fruit Nail Art Design is the Cutest Trendiest Summer Manicure

Whether it's lemon water in the morning or watermelon shots at a Saturday afternoon BBQ, everyone's fruit intake tends to skyrocket during the sweaty summer. Right now, my fridge is looking like a fresh fruit basket, and I've noticed the same trend flooding my Instagram timeline, in the form of fruity nail art, which was recently sported by supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Limes, cherries, oranges, and other fruits are perfect manicure inspiration, whether you're into minimalist designs or full-on finger bling. If you can't decide which fruit to go for or how to accomplish the trend without it looking childish, we've rounded up inspo from Hadid herself, and our favourite Instagram artists. Ahead, the fruity summer nail-art trend to try now.

With all the greatness Beyoncé has been giving us lately, you have another reason to get into this trend and serve up all the Lemonade inspo.

Celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri gave Hadid a vacation manicure featuring grapefruit, lime, s…

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