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Farm Stay Snail Repair Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

Since I started using Korean skincare products, snail creams and snail mucin extracts have been getting a lot of my attention. They are quite interesting and since snails are not harmed in creating these products, these I had to try them. I got this Farm Stay Snail Repair cream from YesStyle a few months back and have been using it since. Today, I am here with review of my first ever snail mucin product.

According to Brand This multifunctional repair cream also works as an anti-wrinkle and brightening agent. Enriched with snail mucin extract, it nourishes, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity by repairing internal damage for long-lasting change.

Snail mucus extract, a skin vitalizing element, helps recover the inner and outer skin from damages and enhances the pure intrinsic power of the skin to change the skin from inside out. The snail mucus extract naturally clears away old dead skin cells as the fundamental cause of dull and tired skin. It is a double function cream of white…

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