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Scary Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is the best time of the year when you can dress up in your favourite character and try to scare people (maybe) and eat lots of candies without anyone judging you. For a nail art lover like me, it is also the time to flaunt our nails in the cutest and scariest designs matching the spirit and theme of Halloween. Every year we see a lot of fun nail art ideas for Halloween, but this year it is slightly different taking the theme to the next level. Here are some tried and tested Halloween nail art ideas for you to give a try!
The classic Jack O Lantern nail art!

The Jack O Lantern is the best theme one can follow for the nail art ideas. You can create or recreate several faces of scary pumpkin lantern on your nails for this nail art. Halloween always gets better with a scary pumpkin lantern nail art design.

Halloween elements nail art!

The cute scary ghost, spider web, bats, mummies or the witch, you can take inspiration from any of these designs for that Halloween themed nail a…

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