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10-Step K Beauty Routine | Tips for Indian Skin


Since you are here, let me be truthful to you. There is no "10 Steps K beauty routine for Indian Skin". South Korea, the country from where all these skincare routine came to India and all over the world, has a very different climatic condition, which is very different from India. They have a slightly cooler climate while India has a tropical climate with humidity and heat. I am explaining this because Korean skincare follows an extensive routine with a focus more towards moisturization which is a ned for the skin when you are in cooler climates. While in India, your skin needs moisture, but to a limited extent otherwise, you will have more breakouts and comedones.

If you are wondering, what I am doing here if we do not have a 10 step skincare routine for you, well, this is where I am useful to you. After using and changing my Korean skincare routine to make it more adaptive to Indian climate, I think I know enough to tell you how to incorporate popular skincare produ…

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