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This Cute Nail-Art Trend Is A Total '90s Throwback

Like palm trees, ladybugs, and itty-bitty flowers, butterflies have long been a staple on the nail-art menu of most salons. The last time you wore the half-heart wings on your fingernails was probably around the same time you had the hair clips to match — circa the mid-'90s — but if there was ever a time to bring the old-school butterfly back into your nail-art rotation, it's right now.

Like the comeback of the classic French tip, butterfly nail art has seen a huge trend resurgence as of late. It sounds odd, but all of this summer's biggest nail trends are '90s throwbacks: deep white French, rainbows, and now butterflies. Ahead, we've broken down the chicest butterfly manicures new to Instagram.

We've seen the butterfly design in a bunch of different styles. Most looks have the wings floating asymmetrically across the fingers.

Brightly-coloured butterflies painted with blue or orange polish give a feminine touch to any manicure.

If you look closely, you can se…

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