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OOMYNAILS Press On Nails Review | Ready To Wear Fake Nails For Weddings & Parties

Visiting the salon in this time of pandemic is not easy. Moreover, when you have a limited budget to get your nails done, it is kind of a no-no. So, instead of spending hundreds and thousands on getting your nails done, why not get a set of press-on nails. I recently got my first set, actually 4 sets of press-on nails from Oomynails and I am going gaga over them. Let me take you to the wonderful world of Press on nails in this review! Do not forget to watch the video tutorial and review of it at the end! Cost Price varies with different types. Here are the links to all the nails mentioned in this blog collections/medium/products/ tango-passion collections/oval/products/ sweet-night       $12.99 collections/oval/products/ forbidden-affair     $9.99 collections/squoval/products/ blue-enchantress    $10.99 Every Press-On Nail Kit contains   24 Nails of different sizes 48 Adhesive Tabs Alcohol Prep

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