Mehandi Design Ideas For Wedding Season

Any Indian function, wedding, festival or gathering is incomplete without mehandi. Call it Henna, Mehandi or Henna tattoo, it is bound to make your hands look fabulous for the occasion. For those who don't know, mehandi or henna is made by crushing leaves of mehandi plant and mixed with essential oils for better results. I love it's fragrance and most of the time get it done just for that. I am not a master in applying mehandi but have done pretty decent job in past.

If you are looking for inspirations for your mehandi or want something fabulous for the wedding season, these bridal mehandi designs will definitely intrigue you. Have a look at all these designs and enjoy!

Arabic Style Mehandi Designs 

Arabic style henna design are very popular among girls who wish to have mehandi done on their hands. Elegant design covering only a small portion of your hand and playing around with the negative space. You can have a look at these fabulous arabic mehandi designs and choose the one you like the best!

Lace Mehandi Designs Fingers

Delicate lace patterns done on fingers, back of the hand and around the wrist can be worn as henna jewelry. Take inspiration from gothic lace masks and have the pattern done on your hand..

Full Hand Mehandi Design

Mostly done by the brides and the ones who love mehandi like anything, full hand mehandi covers your entire hand from the tips to shoulder or elbow. It is a very intricate pattern having minute details. You can hide a message, groom's name or any word you like in this design. Although very beautiful, this mehandi art can take hours to complete and dry off..

Mehandi Design Half Hand Palm

Mehandi design just for the palm or half hand is perfect for someone who does not want to cover the whole hand but still want the mehandi. It is a good option for kids too. Decorate your hands with this earthy mixture...

Mehandi For Shoulders

If you are planning to wear off-shoulder outfit, sleeveless outfits or backless outfit for the occasion, why not adorn your shoulders and back with some fabulous mehandi design. Have a look at these patterns!

Mehandi Designs for Feet

To complete the bridal look, applying mehandi on feet of the bride is also a custom. It is as per choice if one wishes to cover her legs until knees, ankles or just her feet for the occasion. You can have a matching henna design for feet for wedding just like the pattern done on your hands or go for something different.

What is your favorite henna style?

Share your thoughts with me in comments below!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. Wow.... So many fabulous designs!

    1. I am glad you liked and I hope you will be trying these this wedding season!


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