Not Getting Enough Sleep? 5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep More

You have crazy load of things happening in your life. Between work and fun, there is just not enough time to sleep. You fuel yourself with copious amount of coffee, but the long term impact of neglecting sleep is dire. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep is becoming one of the major cause for poor health among youngsters all around the world. It is good to work hard, but putting your health at risk is not suggested.

Read below to see the weird things which happen to your body when you do not get enough snooze time.

Your Heart Suffers

Irregular sleep pattern messes with your heart. If you are getting less than five hours of sleep time per night then your heart is likely suffer. Your chances of having a stroke or a coronary heart ailment also increase greatly. So, do your heart a favor by getting some good shut-eye.

It Affects Your Brain

Not getting enough sleep makes your brain play mind tricks with you. Lack of sleep affects your decision making skills as well as your ability to reason. It also causes you to forget stuff. Oh, so where did I put my cup of coffee?

Your Weight Increases

Yes, you read it right, girl. Your diet plan is bound to fail if you are not hitting the sack for right amount of time. People with less than five hours of sleep are likely to gain more weight than people with seven to eight hours of sleep. So, eat right and sleep tight is the mantra.

Phase Outs

Lack of proper sleep may cause microsleep episodes. This is the state when your body automatically goes into nap mode, without your tacit approval. Now, think of the things which may go wrong during such incidents. Yes, you are right, you are likely to get into accidents or cause some blunder on your powerpoint presentation.

Your Looks Suffer

Lack of sleep not only affects your brain and heart but your skin as well. Not enough snooze time may cause cortisol, the stress hormone, to shoot up. This can break down collagen which is responsible for your smooth, flawless skin. Keep up your youthful looks with proper sleep regimen.

Every year, thousands and thousands die due to lack of sleep and work load. Japan tops the chart for deaths due to lack of sleep and increased work load in office. Although governments do not recognize deaths due to sleep deprivation as a health problem, but it is a major concern. Take a good night's sleep every day. Keep that phone and laptop aside so your brain can function better and you can live longer!

Lots of Love!!!