7 Ways to Protect Your Skin this winter

As the temperature drops, your skin becomes dull and dry. Skin requirements are a little different during winters because cold temperature can be challenging for your skin. Cold air, dry wind and seasonal effects are the cause of parched skin.

Without right skin care, you might suffer from rashes, cracks and redness around your cheeks, nose and chin. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated during Winter season. Just follow these simple tips to protect your skin in winter season for that healthy glow...

Start Using Creamy Facial Cleaner

It’s important to adopt good moisturizing facial cleaner for yourself in the season of cold weather. This will help to clean the impurities and dirt from your skin and also help to boost the hydration of your skin. In cold weather your skin gets dry and flaky very easily so it’s important to purchase trusted brands facial cleaner.

You can use honey or lemon natural homemade moisturizer for your skin. Honey is natural and antibacterial which are deal with acne and skin aging process.

Moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing is one of the best ways to protect your skin in the winter. You can also choose the natural moisturizer instead of chemical laded products. Chemical product can harm your skin. You can also create a natural moisturizer with almond oil or extra virgin olive oil and mixed it with your normal cold cream. I love to include vaseline body lotion and boro plus lotion for my dry skin in the season of Summer.

Face Packs for winter

There are thousands of natural ingredients in your kitchen which you can use in winter season to keep your skin soft. Here is few face packs that’s you can make easily in your home.

  • Banana Face Packs
  • Buttermilk Face Packs
  • Aloe Vera
  • Papaya and Honey Face Pack
  • Kiwi Face Pack
  • Tomato Face Pack
  • Strawberry and Chocolate Pack

These face packs are easily to make at home and help to protect your face from the dryness in the winter season. By the way my sister loves to include Aloe Vera face pack in winter season. This face pack is easily available in every home and also helps to save money.

Protect your skin from sun
The sun hiding in the cloud in winter season but its UV rays is harmful for our skin. Sunscreen is a best option to protect your skin from the sun UV rays. Sunscreen also helps to nourish your skin within antioxidant properties.

Stay Hydrated
Many of us not feel thirsty in the season of winter but keeping hydrated will help to protect your skin from the dryness. It will also help to retain more moisturize in our body for long time and also helps to improve our health. You also add some hydrated foods in your diet in the winter season.

Avoid Long Hot Shower
Many of us spend lots of time in the front of hot shower in winter season but this is not a great idea. It removes the moisture layer from your skin and hairs leaving them high and dry. How long you should stay in hot shower?  5 minutes! A 5 minute hot shower is perfect for you and your skin during the winter season.

Protect your lips

Cracked lips and feet are common problem in the season of summer. Lips are the sensitive part of our skin. Cold weather and climate change can steals the moisture from our lips and makes it dry and dull. It’s important to applying best lip balm and moisturised all the day.

My mother squeezed half lemon and adds it into the half bucket in winter season. Lemon has acidic properties which help to remove dead skin from your body.

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