ADS Wine Lip Gloss Review: Cheapest Lip Tint

Hello beautiful!

If you follow my blog, you must be aware of how I love trying new lip colors and nail polishes. I have been seeing wine lip tints in several blogs and Instagram posts, but they are not as easily available in India. ADS which is a Chinese cosmetic company is quite known for providing cheap cosmetic products in India came up with ADS Wine Lip Gloss in various colors so I thought of getting these. I have used ADS eye liners a lot since they are super cheap and available in wildest colors that you can imagine.

ADS wine lip glosses are super matte lip colors which claims to last for 24 hours. These are copies of Chateau Labiotte wine lip tint which is the first wine shade lip tint available. But they are very glossy and moisturizing, also a tad bit expensive. ADS and several other local brands have tried their hands on producing wine lip tint or gloss with pretty much the same packaging. When I saw these, could not stop myself from buying these babies....


I am not sure about the exact cost since different online websites are selling them at a different price. 
I bought set of 6 ADS wine lip tint for Rs. 395 from Flipkart. You can buy them individually as well as set depending on the online seller. 

Shades 19, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28 ( From left to right)

Shade 19 is a basic red with blue undertones
Shade 22 is a tangy coral color
Shade 25 is mauve in color
Shade 26 is maroonish in color
Shade 27 is a wine color lip tint
Shade 28 is a burgundy shade


The applicator wand is pretty good and gives a smooth finish. For matte finish, you have to wait for it to dry which can take a few seconds. I will advise not to touch the lips after application otherwise you might affect the smooth finish. 

ADS Wine Lip Gloss is very drying and you will need something to moisturise your lips before as well as after application. Being super matte, these end up looking very dry on your lips without any exterior moisturisation. 

My Take

For fun's sake, these are pretty fabulous. At this price if you are getting 6 lip colors, it is quite cheap isn't it.If you are a college going girl or someone who loves to try different lip color but does not want to spend a lot, these re good to go. 

I will suggest that you scrub your lips with a lip scrub or mixing sugar with coconut oil or vaseline petroleum jelly before applying. Like any other matte lip color, ADS wine lip gloss looks very odd on chapped cracked lips. Since they are very drying as well, you will need to apply clear gloss or lip balm to moisten your lips.

The 24 hours claim seem to be false, although I have not dared to keep it on for that long. I applied the lip color and it lasted for 1 hour before it started cracking. I did not applied any moisturisation on top of these to test it out. But with regular balm application, you can make these last for at least a couple of hours without cracking. At this price, I do not expect very high quality.

You should give them a try at least once. They are pretty good at the given price and lasts quite long as well.

Lots of Love!!!