Fabulous Prom Nail Art Ideas For You To Rock

Prom time is here!

Some of you will have it in a couple of weeks while others have to wait until next year, whatever is the norm, but hey, the more time we get for preparation is always better. Getting the right dress before all of them are sold, finding perfect shoes so we can dance all night, getting hair and makeup done, there is so much on your plate right now. To make your life a little easier, I thought about putting together some fabulous Prom nail art ideas for this year or next (whatever)!

Elegant Floral Prom Nails

This black floral nail art can make your nails look pretty as hell for the big day. Playing with the negative space, outlining the nails with black and adding a rhinestone on other nails. Your nail art will be the talk of the town. Make sure to have the right shape if you are planning to outlining them like the one shown here. Also, there is a possibility of switching the colors to match your dress.

Go Matte for Prom Nails

Matte nail art looks fabulous on every occasion. A little rhinestone detailing, lace pattern, negative space or gradient effect, matte can make every nail art look sophisticated. If you are planning to have an elegant sophisticated look for your prom, matte can be a good idea....

Lacy Floral Prom Nail Art

Doesn't it look fabulous? A gorgeous lace print with fierce accent nail is just right for the day when you wish to look perfect. Play around with colors to have a different look with similar design to match your outfit. You can try this tutorial to have these floral lace promnail art design on your nails for the day!

Try variation of this nail art idea done using pastel blue or powder blue with a similar white lace pattern. Use nail art stickers with metallic finish or add some rhinestones for a gorgeous effect.

Red Nails are always the best!

Instead of painting your nails in plain red, go wile and do a little ombre effect on the ring finer and pinky finger. If you are good with detailing, add a henna inspired design to accentuate the design. Keep it shiny or add a smooth velvetty effect with matte top coat.

Tuxedo Nails for Prom

Who says a girl only has to wear a dress to the prom? Be fierce and get yourself a tailored tuxedo. These nails will match perfectly with them. Glitter instead of whites is the cherry on the cake!

Glitter Glitter on the Nails!

Let your nails shine like a diamond when you are dancing under those lights. A dab of glitter or lots of rhinestones can turn any boring nail art look into razzle dazzle one. You might wanna think about getting your nails done by the professional for rhinestones or crystal stones if you wanna look fancy.

Go wild with colors!

It is your big day girl, you can do whatever you wish on your nails that speaks your heart. If it says wear wild patterns with lots of colors, do it. Mix in colorful polka dots, or a bunch of flowers, even the rainbow is no limit for you.

You can take inspiration from all these nail art ideas and create your own unique look or simply follow these. Prom nails are also suitable for bridal or bridesmaid nail art too, if you have to attend a wedding the same week. Choose the colors that match your dress, pick out any of these designs and you are good to go!

Just remember, You are Fabulous AF girl!

Lots of Love!!!