"Stranger Things" Inspired Nail Art Ideas Will Make You Crave For More

The year 2017 has been an amazing year for nail art. From some wild nail art trends to some fabulous, we have seen it all in this one year. adding to the list of amazing nail art trends, here is one Sitcom inspired nail art trend- Stranger Things Nail Art!

Stranger things is one of the most popular TV series shown on Netflix. It's last season was a huge success and so is the Season 2. With the release of the Stranger Things season 2, fans all around the world are going crazy about it, and so are the nail art lovers. You can find Eleven-themed nails and other Demogorgon-inspired patterns all over the Instagram. Some are very simple, while others are downright mind blowing with some serious artistic skills.

Have a look at these babies and see if it inspires the little nail artist in you!

Upside down world!

Stranger Things logo looks great on these nails

The boys looking for some adventure!

Hidden Messages or not so hidden!

You can try this tutorial too!

Season 2 is here so it is just the right time for doing some Stranger Things on your nails. Get started and share your nails with this theme with me!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. Omg!!! I love this show and these nails are so amazing! #strangerthings

    1. Why don't you try any of these nail art and share with me on my Facebook page or tag Crazy Nailzz on Instagram!


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