Elegant Nail Art Designs For Formal Looks

When you are in the world of business or where you have to follow a particular dress code, focusing on nails becomes essential. A lot of girls think that it is very difficult to have stunning nails when you have a whole set of rules to follow, but for a girl or woman with strong personality, nothing is impossible!

These elegant nail art designs will make go well with all your formal looks, whether it is for office or business. Check out them and choose the one that suits you best!

Marble Nail Art

These are my favorite.for office nail art since they are elegant AF. Soft colors, delicate patterns, marble nail art does not make your nails stand out too much yet makes them look fabulous just the way you want. You can do these with white, black or use any pastel shade, throw in minor metallic details and you are good to go.


Geometric patterns on the nails

Geometric nail art can look fabulous, given every nail has its own pattern If you are going with same pattern, use colors smartly so each nail looks different. A mix of nude with metallic or monochrome colors can do the trick.

Go Monochrome for business nails

Monochrome adds just the right amount of elegance when you need it for the occasion.This combination of black and white suits not only ladies who know what they want in this life but also those who like to follow the fashion and look extremely stylish. Use it for French tip, half moon mani or go wild with some negative space in between.

Half Moon and Reverse Half Moon Nail Art

Brighten up your nails with half moon mani or reverse half moon mani. You can use contrast colors for that half moon and reverse half moon effect. Some glitter or even a tiny line of sequins can also make your nails look fabulous for a black tie event!

Pastel Nails for Office

Pastel nails are great for office, but it does not mean that you have to wear same color on all your nails. Instead of making your nails boring, mix different pastel shades, throw in a darker shade on your accent nail or use pastel halo polish or glitter polish on top of white polish for that added element.

Smart Gel Manicure for Powerful Look

Gel nails look flawless when done right with finesse. With either lighter muted shades or strong bold reds, you can wear gel nails for powerful business look. These are the only option where a simple plain nail polish can make your nails look fierce as hell. Just make sure that the shape of your nails is just right for your hands.

People who think that nail art is not for office or formal look, well, you might not have got the right one yet. In the world of nail art, there are endless options for you to try even for office and business. A flawless mani, even if you have done it at home shows how pulled together you are and how sorted your life is.Just choose the right combination of colors, nail shape and you have got it all!

Lots of Love!!!