Trending colours in women fashion this season

Women are getting more colourful going by what modern day fashion gurus and style experts tell us! Women are steadily experimenting with brighter colours and palettes these days though something like the little black dress will never really go out of fashion! Apart from the black long dress or traditional and charming white gowns, what are the colours that women are wearing these days? Here’s the complete lowdown!

It’s a return to Nature as far as women’s wear designers and fashion experts are concerned. Women all over the world are choosing to wear shades that reflect them at their natural best. In this context, it must be mentioned that cute pink dresses and wine colour dressesare also quite in vogue.

Pink is definitely one of the colours that have never been dislodged from the fashion charts along with black. While some of us do like taking out that electric blue dress once in a while, this season is all about more subdued, mellow and soothing colours.

Women are going back to lighter shades of grey, beige, orange, blue, grey, opal, turquoise, magenta and yellow among other colours. Softer hues and textures are now preferred by women instead of exceedingly loud and in-your-face colour palettes.

Minimalism is the name of the game this season and colour choices now follow the same template. Colours like turquoise, opal and beige in addition to grey are quite popular this season, particularly in mild hues and shades. These palettes are being worn at the workplace and even for casual outings by women.

In a stark contrast to elegant evenings, work wear or casual outings and get together, women are also preferring bold and flashy Party wear this season as per fashion experts and several trends gleaned from global runways. While the LBD is always a back-up, women are preferring colours like red and purple to create a bold and flamboyant look on night-outs. Got a night of hectic partying ahead of you?

You’d do well to pick up a red and black number or simply go purple with relish! 2016 should certainly be the year of the red and this season is a precursor to this building craze. Several global female celebrities and Hollywood actresses are now favouring red over the conventional black for high profile parties and other events. This has sparked a craze amongst women over the world with regard to owning a dress in this gorgeous colour. Red is now being used for dresses and other cocktail dresses.

These are the two most engaging trends that have gripped the fashion world. Both are contrasting yet attractive and women all over the world are embracing the twain with gusto. Women are steadily absorbing global fashion trends and manifesting the same in unique ways. All in all, red is definitely the colour of the season while nature inspired soothing colour tones are also hogging the limelight. This season seems like a curious yet intriguing mixture of flamboyance and earthiness.