DIY: Chrome Mirror Powder Nails & Nail Art Ideas

Chrome powder nail art is one of the most popular nail art trend going on these days. Every nail art lover is head over heels about this one. It is mesmerizing, cool and fascinating giving you the perfect mani. You can get these from a professional manicurist as well as do it yourself using chrome powder and eyebrow brush or your finger tips.

Few nail polish brands are selling mirror nail polish but achieving that perfectly mirror finish, chrome powder is your friend. You can play with your nails using different nail art techniques combining them with chrome powder nail art. For someone who loves metallic nails or adding metallic colors to their fashion statement, these ones are a must have!

If you are still wondering whether you want them or not, here is a simple tutorial for Chrome mirror nails.

Few nail art ideas using Chrome powder!

Chrome nails with studded accent nails

Nail art using chrome powder!

Chrome nail art using studs

Holographic chrome nails!

Golden chrome nails!

Copper chrome nails!

Chrome mirror nails!

I love these chrome nails and hope that you do to! Try them now, they will not disappoint you.

Lots of Love!!!