Nail Hack: How to use Spray Polish

Have you seen spray polish? Who thought nail polishes could come in a spray bottle just like hairspray or facial freshener? It so cool!

I personally love nail polish sprays, knowing there are so many girls out there who cannot apply nail polish properly especially on the left hand (Right hand for the lefties). Even I sometimes find it difficult to get the nail polish perfect on both of my hands. And when you are getting late for a party or a wedding, and perfecting that wing eyeliner takes up all your time that you just cannot wait for the nail polish. Spray nail polishes can dry up very quickly, making it much easier!

If you think that the nail polish spray can be your helping hand in getting a perfect looking mani, here is a review and nail hack for using the nail spray can the right way! Avoid wasting the product, get a perfect mani and flaunt your nails like no one else does it better!

Here you go!

Tip: Use different kinds of top coats (Glossy, Matte, Glitters) for a different mani with same nail spray can!

Hope you enjoyed the hack and will try it too.


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