Minimalist Nail art: Runway Nail Art Trends You Must Follow

Minimalism or minimalist is one fashion trend that has ruled runways for a very long time. You can see it in the designs, makeup, styling and even in nail art. If you have loved to wear those minimal jewelry styles or runway trends, minimal nail art is a must try for you.

Using slight detailing or very minimal detailing to create the most gorgeous designs is what Minimal nail art is all about. the best part about this nail art trend is that you need to be a professional or experienced nail artist for creating the prettiest designs. Let's have a walk through these cute, trendy and easy nail art trend coming straight from the runway.


A simple dot on your bare nails can do the trick for the gorgeous runway inspired nails. If you do not like bare nails, color them with nude nail polish or white nail polish.

Half-moon mani!

Nail art by Sonailicious

If you don't know, half moon mani is one of the most popular styles of minimal nail art. Give it a new look by adding small gold studs or dots.

Marble tiles!

Those marble nails look so gorgeous, you cannot keep yourself from appreciating them. Add little drops of black polish in water, spray it with hairspray and dip your white painted nails in it for the pretty marble nail art look!

French mani with dot!

Nail art by Sonailicious
Black french tips with a simple black dot around cuticles or a small black stud on a light polish will make your minimal nail art dream come true!


Nail art by Sonailicious

Simple or colorful, stripes can perk up your nails! Do wear minimal jewelry for that complete look.

Nail art by Sonailicious
You can wear midi rings or chains. Minimalist jewelry is very popular!


If you love stripes, try half stripes! One single stripe on a light background towards the cuticle ending in the middle of your nail and done. Top it with top coat.

Few other styles you can try!

Nail art by Sonailicious

Nail art by Sonailicious

Hope you loved them and will try them too!

Lots of Love!!!