9 things to do in long distance love

Long distance relationships have a charm of own their own. They are difficult, but if you can work it out, staying together in ups and downs will become easier. Also, if you have the right person in your life and you love them, distance does not matter at all. I am not propagating some lame thing but speaking with experience. I am in a long distance relationship since last 3 years now and it still is strong and special.

I am not saying that you will not have bad phases, you will like every other relationship. People who live together, meet each other every day also face trouble in their relationship, but it is all about the will to be with that person. If you really love each other, have strong feelings for each other than nothing can stop you from being together. 
Here are few things to spice up your love life in long distance relationships. I hope that it will make your bond stronger than ever!

See each other every day

With technology, it is not difficult to see each other every day. Skype, video calling, and Viber can make it much easier for you. Take out time and spend it with each other.

Make plans for meetings

When you are away from each other, making plans for the meetings can keep up the excitement of seeing each other.

Do things together

Using video calling or phone, you can actually do many things together. See a movie together, eat, or cook together.

Ask for opinions

When your special someone is away from you, that does not mean you ask for their opinions. While shopping, eating, or buying a new curtain for your room their opinion can matter a lot.

Share everything

From the new sandwich you tried at lunch to the new song you listened, you can share everything with them.

Maintain trust

Although you are not with him or her, it does not mean you can break their trust. If you have committed to long distance relationship, be true and maintain the trust.

Make a jar of kisses

This one is a bit fun. You can make a kiss jar, filling it kiss for special moments. A kiss when you are sad, a kiss when you are happy, a kiss when you did great at job and a kiss when you get up in the morning will spice up your relationship.

Talk when you feel like

Since talking whole day long is not possible due to work, try to talk at the end of the day or when you both are free. This can keep away the nagging or clinginess from the relationship.

Be crazy for each other

Share crazy fun pictures, make cute video messages for each other, create fun care packages and enjoy your relationship. Long distance can be fun, you just have trust yourself and your love!

Enjoy every moment of the relationship and you will see how strong it is!