DIY: Rainbow Snapchat Filter IRL For Halloween

Halloween is just round the corner and most of us have already decided what we will wear and look like this year. However, if you are still contemplating about it, here is a fun tutorial inspired by Snapchat filter, Rainbow Puke. Very easy to make and flaunt on Halloween in costume parties, this will give some serious costume goals to others. 

Here is the full tutorial for the Rainbow makeup tutorial inspired by Snapchat for Halloween!

Down below the steps are defined so you can take it slow!

1. Draw a super thick line on your lower lids with a white eyeliner pencil.

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Apply your go-to mascara and eyeshadow too, if you want. We don’t judge.

2. Apply brown shadow beneath the white liner.

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It creates a new faux lash line so your eyes look freakishly huge. (In a cute way!)

3. Then, blend in your concealer and foundation per usual.

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You can skip the chin, though, as there’s about to be a giant rainbow on it.

4. Apply a bright pink blush across the apples of your cheeks and nose.

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The brighter, the better, TBH.

5. Add pink lipstick to the top part of your lip.

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6. Paint dat rainbow!

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Clean up any errors along with way with a wet washcloth. (We probs should’ve told you that earlier, OH WELL.)

7. Use a tiny brush to add clouds to the bottom.

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8. Add the finishing rainbow dots and details.

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Use a white liquid liner to outline the clouds.

9. Add the twinkly stars with the same white liquid liner.

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Go nuts, bb.

10. And finally, add some white dots to really ~amp up da magic~.

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And you’re done! Go puke on everyone*!

Here's How To Do The Rainbow Snapchat Filter IRL For Halloween
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*Don’t actually puke on anyone, thank u.

Lots of Love!!!