NewU Nail Enamel Collection: Review & Swatches

I bought this Nail enamel collection by NewU a very long time back, but due to some work, I was never able to do swatches of them and review it. Thankfully it is done and dusted! For those who are not aware of NewU, it is a cosmetics brand by Dabur, an Indian FMCG giant known for its herbal products. I had heard a lot about their nail polishes but never got the chance to buy them. I bought about 10 nail polishes from 3 of their collections. Over here I will be reviewing 2 of them and the other one, NewU Glitterati Nail enamel Collection will come soon!

Let's get started!

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday Chemistry

Price: Rs. 55 for 6ml

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday Chemistry is all about subtle colors that you can wear everyday. As the brand claims, Everyday Chemistry has Burnt Siena, Crispy Coral, Deep Jade, Flirty, Ocean and many more for your daily needs. From pastel to dark, you can find all the colors in this collection. 

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday, Celeste 71, 5ml

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday Chemistry Celeste 71 is a baby blue or pastel blue or powder blue shade that can give you a relaxed refreshing feeling on a busy day. Give yur monday blues a new meaning with this cute blue nail polish. Reminding me of mint candies, I loved this nail polish. 

Easy to apply with the applicator and firm grip on the cap. It gives the color in one single coat, but you will want to add another coat for a smooth finish. 

NewU Everyday Nail Enamel, Candy 66 6 ml

NewU Nail Enamel Everyday Chemistry Candy 66 is another cute everyday color. It is soft baby pink or pastel pink, a perfect option for everyday style. A bit light for my taste, I can use it as light background for nail art.

To get the perfect color, you will need two coats for this shade. Applicator brush is nice giving a smooth finish. 

NewU Nail Enamel Party Poppers Collection

Price: Rs. 75 for 5 ml

NewU Nail Enamel Party Poppers collection is full of life. Party Poppers are for hard core fun lovers and the shades can be Carmine Pink, Coral, Red Jazzberry or Neon. Filled with bright colors, this is a must for every girl who love pop up shades.

NewU Nail Enamel Party, Mango Tango 114, 5ml

NewU Nail Enamel Party Poppers Mango Tango 114 is a refreshing bright yellow color nail polish. It just adds life to your nails on any dull day. You can add a happy contrast to your look with this color!

Perfect yellow color with one coat, this is one is my favorite shade from the entire collection. Everybody adored it and some even borrowed it!

NewU Nail Enamel Party, Carmine Pink 94, 5ml

Regardless of the name, NewU Nail Enamel Party Poppers Carmine Pink 94 is nothing like pink. It is sort of burnt orange with blue undertones.  I was not able to get the color right in the picture!

With a little muted tones, this can be your perfect every day color as well for dressing the nails.

Good applicator and nice color turn out!

NewU Nail Enamel Party, Peachy Plum 116, 5ml

NewU Nail Enamel Party Poppers Peachy Plum 116 is a very happy cheerful peachy orange color. Loved it to the core. Suits every skin complexion so you are sorted, but it might look a little faded or washed with fair skin. 

NewU Nail Enamel Collection has the best applicator brush making it easy to apply the polish. Also, they dry very quickly and last for a long time, about a week without chipping. However, it might vary with different lifestyle.

They are available in 6ml and 5ml bottles, which are reasonably priced.