Fascinating Watercolor Nail Art Ideas

We nail art lovers can get crazy after any nail art trend given it is cute, adorable and pretty. Even though a lot many cannot pull off those designs shown by the professionals but still we love to try and show them off. Watercolor nail art is one such nail art trend that can captivate anyone's attention. 

With its delicate colors and designs, you can pull this trend off for any occasion. 

Water Color Nail Art for Different Occasions 

A well detailed and elegant blue flower watercolor nails art design. Paint the grand blue flower in watercolor style while using white as your base color as well as the color of the other flowers. You can also add silver beads on top for effect.

Cute feather themed watercolor nail art design. Paint your nails in white as base color and add multi colored feathers falling on top of the nails. You can also add details such as a necklace of feathers using black nail polish.

Immaculate in white and blue watercolor nail art design. Use white as your base color and paint it as matte on your nails. Add details in various blue polishes and a touch of lavender for effect.

A tie dye inspired watercolor nail art. Create various tie dye designs using watercolor style. The brighter the colors, the better and the more colors you combine the more interesting the combination looks.

A very pretty flower inspired watercolor nail art design. Use blue, white and yellow polishes to complete the look and carefully paint on the flower details.

Create watercolor flowers on your nails with this watercolor nail art for reference. To add to the effect, you can also put on silver dust on top to further accentuate the flowers. Use a light combination of colors for a more profound effect.

Accessorize your watercolor nail art with help of tiny character accents such as butterflies and dragonflies. Start by painting your very own watercolor garden on your nails and choose cute accents to add on top.

Gradient and tribal inspired watercolor nail art design. Give a twist to your watercolor nail designs by creating a gradient effect. Add more effect by painting a tribal design in black polish on top.

Make use of the white base color to paint on wonderful looking watercolor flowers. Use soft pastel colors to bring out the silky texture that you wish to depict on the flowers. Add line details on top for effect.

Channel your inner artist by making your nails as your canvass. Use a white base coat and start painting on dripping polish from the base of the nail to the tips. You can also add tiny silhouette figures with an umbrella to protect them from the watercolor rain.

Paint drip with diagonal stripes watercolor nail art design. Begin with a white base polish as your canvas and add paint drip like polish on top. Add more attitude to the nails by painting black diagonal stripes on top.

Shower your nails with lots of pretty watercolor flowers. To get this effect use a white base color so that you can freely choose colors for the flowers to go on top. With help from a black polish bring out more details on the flowers.

Bring the sunshine into your nails with this pretty watercolor nail art. Combine sunny colors such as yellow, orange, blue violet and green. Use the faded effect of watercolor nail art to give life to the background.

Use watercolor nil art to paint tranquil pictures on your nails. Draw the mountain background in watercolor style and add silhouette figures of animals and trees on top.

A very cute and candy colored watercolor nail art. Let yourself go and paint on various pastel colors on your nails in watercolor style.

Simple and clean looking watercolor nail art design. Despite popular paint drip themes looking messy you can also recreate it in this way where it looks like a clean canvas with minimum paint dripping.

Combine gradient and flowers into your watercolor nail art design. Use light colors for the gradient so that they easily blend in the background. Add more flower details on the top coat using a black nail polish.

Draw abstract figures on your nails using a variety of fun colors. Paint an entire garden with different polishes that easily complement each other.

Get to draw beautiful watercolor flowers on your nails. Use cool colors such as blue and violet and even add cute details such as little small snails crawling around.

Lavenders are beautiful flowers and you can capture their softness with watercolor nail art. Use periwinkle polish as the color of the flower as well as add a matte color for the rest of the nails. Begin with using a white base polish as your canvas.

Abstract designs will surely look great with watercolor nail art. Start with a plain white polish as base and choose three or four colors that you can use for the design. You can also add random paint droplets for effect.

Nothing like a classic clean looking watercolor nail art. Use a white base color to show off the light watercolor style strokes on your nails.

Add adorable watercolor flowers unto your nails. Use a combination of red, pink, blue and orange flowers with green leaves to create the sweet illusion.

Black paint drip watercolor design. Paint on light watercolor pastels as background and complete the look by adding black polish paint drips on the top layer.

Cuter flower themed watercolor nail art design. Mix up green colors as background in watercolor style. Add more details of flowers on top using thin black polish.

Blue green themed flower watercolor design. Use white and blue green polish as the alternating base color of the nails add blue green flowers on top and sprinkle sliver dust for added affect.

Get to draw washed out and watercolor inspired flowers on your nails. You can also push to be more artistic by adding a watercolor themed bird. Paint on with a sky blue polish and add beads for accent.

Watercolor checkered nail art design. Paint on checkered print nails in light strokes to achieve the watercolor style. This nail art tends to look very pretty and detailed.

Another set of cute watercolor themed flowers. Use white as your base color and paint on twigs and flowers on top n melon, red and baby blue polishes.

Immaculate in white and blue watercolor nail art design. Use white as your base color and paint it as matte on your nails. Add details in various blue polishes and a touch of lavender for effect.

Flower and dragonfly watercolor nail art. Tap into your artistic mode and create watercolor style scenarios on your nails. You can even add random beads on top to enhance the magical effect.

Watercolor garden themed nail art. Paint several pretty flowers on your nails in watercolor style. Use white as your background and washed out colors for the flowers and leaves such as yellow, orange, blue and pink.

A soft and charming watercolor nail art design. Paint on that light hearted breezy look on your nails with this cozy and warm looking nail art.

Hues of blue inspired watercolor nail art. Using white as your base color paint on various hues of blue on the top layer. The design looks calm and cool perfect for just about any occasion.

An adorable panda inspired watercolor nail art. The checkered print designs of the nails are done in watercolor style. Combine light colors such as green, blue and yellow and top it off with a detailed cute panda French tip.

Basics Of Watercolor Nail Art

1. The first thing you should do is to secure a top coat plus four nail polish colors that you will need to create the watercolor effect. You can choose contrasting colors or you can choose colors that complement each other. If you have a theme then you can go with the colors in your theme. For a quick and simple choice you can go with a white base and pastels for that soft and cute look. Also try to prepare a nail polish remover along with a plastic bag.
2. Start with painting on your base color which in this case is white. To make sure that the base color does not fade too quickly double coat your nails. Then this is the fun part, you can start picking what color to add on your black white canvass. Pick a color and paint on some dots and blobs on the white base. Make sure that the base color is dry when you do this. There are special paintbrushes that help you in dot painting your nails. If you want to be more economical, you can also use simple things such as toothpicks.
3. When you are done with that this is where the plastic bag enters the picture. Use the plastic bag to smudge the colors on the nails. Be sure that the blobs of nail polish that you placed are still wet. This is so that they can spread freely with the help of the plastic bag and this gives the splashed on effect of the watercolor paint. Let the first coat of watercolor splashes dry and choose another color for another set of splashes. Continue until all of the colors you desire are there and top it off with a clear coat.
4. The clear top coat helps preserve watercolor designs to make it last for a longer period of time. This is only one type of watercolor design that you can do yourself. Another style you can go for is the summer watercolor nail art. You simply need your favorite set of polishes and a creative hand. This really depends on what theme you are working on and how simple or dramatic you wish your layers to be.
5. The great thing about this design is that you can show the overlapping colors on your nails which resemble the thin strokes of watercolor on canvas. To finish the design, add the final coat which is the clear polish on top. As usual, this layer helps preserve the design of the nails. It also makes the nail art last longer and shielding it from physical effects such as that of water and chipping.