Sharpie nail art hacks:DIY

I love nail art hacks so much! They make doing nail art so easy giving professional look to my little nails and saving time. Since I am not a professional nail artist, these are a must have for me and everyone who loves nail art but those intricate designs scares them to the core.

I have been doing several nail art hack blogs on Crazy Nailzz recently  so keeping up with that, thought of doing this Sharpie nail art hack for you all. Sharpies are nothing less than a magic makers. You can create so many looks using them and the colors they are available in just makes it better!

You can also visit the Sharpie nail art ideas over here that I did several months back.

DIY: Colorful Rainbow nails

Go ahead and enjoy this nail art tutorial

Hope you liked it and will definitely try it!

Lots of Love!!!