DIY: How to Apply Glitter Polish The Right Way?

Have you tried to perfect that glitter nail art look but everything goes in vain. Either it looks dull with scattered glitters or it looks too thick and not smooth. We have all been there and done that. I love to apply glitter polish but if mostly it is as a top coat or on top of a colored nail polish. Here is how you can perfect those glitter nails without any fuss!

PC: Chalkboard Nails

Instead of painting your glitter lacquers on as you would regular polishes, you need to first dab them onto makeup sponges. Make sure you’re using a disposable one and not your precious BeautyBlenders, because you’re about to sacrifice the sponge in question to the manicure gods

The idea behind the additional step is that the porous material will soak up much of the liquid base, allowing the glitter to go on in a thick, opaque coat. As you can see in the video, when Kelli sponges on the polish, she gets an incredibly dense finish with minimal fuss.

Here is the tutorial!

Hope you liked it and will try it as well.

Lots of Love!!!