Want handmade footwear? Check out Street Style Store

After checking out those handmade sandals on Etsy and after knowing the fact that they don’t deliver in India, I started looking for the options in here.

Being a major footwear lover, it is not possible for the brands to satisfy me completely. Yes, I do love stylish footwear but also want to have comfort. I don’t appreciate when the footwear start causing pain in my feet or bite me here and there leaving those dreaded red and brown marks.

The idea of handmade footwear is very striking and when I found out that an online shopping website is there that actually takes orders and prepares footwear for their customers, it was enough for compelling me to buy some from them.

Note: Survival Guide for SSS

Since I haven’t heard about the Street Style store site much among buyers I thought maybe the quality or service might not be that great. So me and a friend of mine bought 3 pairs from them, just out of curiosity from the flat footwear fiesta going on their website.

We were pretty worried about the quality and since we had paid in advance, about our money as well. But all thanks to the gods of shopping, I got the footwear and they turned out to be pretty great. Since they are handmade, please do not expect them to be very classy and high end.

They are stylish and sturdy to a great extent but you will have to test them for durability.
What I don’t like was that the website do not provide too many pictures of the footwear. Just one picture per footwear, which is not enough, and can make you suspicious about it.

So, for all the shoppers, who are looking forward to buy or try footwear from Street Style Store, here are some pictures of footwear from different angles we got from them. I hope they will be helpful for you!

This is not a paid review or requested by anyone from Street Style store, but my own buyer experience. It is just to help other buyers since there is nothing written by Street Style Store a lot and there is no way to know more about the website or their service.

The delivery is instant but shipping might take some time, take about couple of weeks since they take orders and then make footwear by hand. If you want to have quick shipping, prepayment is preferred. Some of my friends have ordered and they haven’t received it even after 2 weeks coz they opted for cash on delivery.

Happy shopping!
Lots of Love!!!



  1. Seems to be a paid review.
    Given so much of negative comments about this store, I fail to understand what makes the author believes that it is being delivered promptly.

    Check this out : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Style-Store/841544072578948?fref=ts
    What 1900 people are talking ... vis a vis with this blog

    1. I don't do paid reviews apparently. Most of my friends had bad experience with street style, but i guess i was lucky enough to get my order on time. Also, they were actually good and i love my slippers that i bought. If you want, i can share my invoice as well with you of this purchase.

  2. Some more for your reference.




    Its loaded with negative comments, left right and centre. Also they delete the negative comments on their facebook page :( Pathetic services and paid reveiws

    1. And if you actually read my review carefully, i have mentioned that some of my friends didn't received their orders.


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