Handmade Leather sandals- Style with tribals

While checking out a blog, i came across to these wild looking tribal handmade leather sandals. What a beauty they are!

Handmade pure Greek leather sandals, hippy chic style, decorated with multicolored friendships,semiprecious stones (corals, turquoise stones and moonstones) and motifs made by original Swarovski crystals. being a footwear lover, i was in love with these one. They are so innate and creative. 

For the summer season, these leather sandals will be a great footwear option. They are easy to wear, airy and perfect for your colorful outfits. These handmade sandals have a Boho feeling so you can get a Bohemian look easily by combining them with maxi dresses. 

Have a look at some of these sandals!

You can buy them over here

Try them out and show me how it came for you!

Lots of Love!!!