Tutorial: How to Line Your Lips Perfectly Every Time

Most people’s thoughts on lip liner fall into one of two camps: Duh—I've totally got this or No way—I would have no idea what I’m doing. Either way, we’re guessing you’re not using this technique. Shown to us by celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen, this method is simple and effective. You’ll get a perfectly even shape every time, and it only takes four steps.
Keep reading to find out how it’s done!

  • Step 1: Place your pencil at the highest point of your Cupid’s bow. Draw a diagonal line extending down from that point, following your lip line. Do the same thing on the other side to create an X in the center of your top lip.
    Step 2: Starting from the top of your X, draw a line down toward the inner corner of your mouth. Andersen says to sketch the line so you can adjust as you go—don’t attempt to do it in one swoop. Then, do the same thing on your bottom lip. Start from the inner corner, and sketch the line out just to the center of your lip.
    Step 3: Repeat step two on the other side. When applying the liner, Andersen says to be sure you’re using the pencil right on top of your natural lip line (a sharp pencil helps with this).
    Step 4: Fill in with lipstick. Andersen likes to use a lip brush for this step to blend the liner and lipstick together.

Try this our and tell me how it came up for you!
Lots of Love!!!