DIY- Green Ombre gradient nail art

Today's nail art is dedicated to all the nature lovers or the ones with green as their favorite color. Before you start planning to go green with happiness, make sure you have at least three different shades of green and a white polish to work with.

This nail art is pretty easy and if you have tried the previous Blue ombre nail art i had posted a couple of weeks back, this will be very much easy for you!

Things you will need

Maybelline Color show Porcelain party
Revlon Sassy
Maybelline Colorama Verde Palmeira
and a couple of green nail art pens i had in my collection

You can also use any green polish of your choice, make sure they work in a pattern- Dark to light
Check out this Green shade chart for your understanding.


Step one: Clean your nails and apply white polish and let it dry. 
Step two: Start with the darker shade on top, at the tip of your nails. Apply the polish in vertical strokes. You can use nail art brushes for this.
Step three: Following with the light and lighter shade, create the ombre look. Try to apply polish merging the previous shade, creating a pattern.
Step four: Once it has dried, apply top coat of your choice sealing your work of art.

You can create some other addition on it like top it with crackle polish in black color. I have made a little flower on top corner of my nail for a floral earthy look. 

Some other nail art in green ombre for you are!

Try this nail art and show me how it came for you!

Lots of Love!!!