27 Lazy Girl Nail Art Ideas That Are Actually Easy

1. Paint over a loofah for this cool two-tone look.

2. This chic design is deceptively easy.

3. Make your own matte polish with a little eye shadow.

4. This topcoat makes it look like you applied meticulous polka dots.

5. For DIY dots, just use a bobby pin.

6. For a cool touch, just do a line of polkadots around the edge of your nail.

7. Make this zigzag pattern with just some tape and pinking shears.

8. Or, use tape to create a simple diagonal shape.

9. Get this stone look with just some crumpled up plastic.

10. Use reinforcement stickers to get a cool half-moon.

11. Do an easy gradient with a sponge.

12. This polish changes when the temperature does, so you don’t have to do any of the fancy work.

13. This adorable Pantone look is made with a thin sharpie marker.

14. This graffiti look is basically just scribbling with nail polish.

15. Use a gold sharpie to make all kinds of easy designs.

And the best part is, if you mess up, you can just wipe it off with rubbing alcohol without hurting the base coat—including Gel. 

16. This simple modern look is just white polish with a black line.

17. Literally throw some polish on for this splatter paint look.

18. A few stragically placed dots can go a long way.

19. Get an easy gradient by applying a glitter top coat to half the nail.

20. This one is reverse nail art-you scrape the polishoff for the effect.

21. One simple dot can look adorably chic.

22. Use one thick stripe of white to accent any darker color.

23. This pinstripe nail looks even better when it’s a little crooked.

Because LBH, who has a steady hand for this? 

24. This one is called the ruffian, and we dig it.

25. ~Abstract~ (aka easy).

26. This clear and blue look doesn’t even use tape.

Just swipe your color, clear coat on top and go.

27. Or, use the same techniques to make triangles.

Looks great even on short nails.