Nail Art Ideas For Teeny Tiny Fingertips

Girls like me with tiny mini nails often find it hard to choose the right nail art. I means, our nails are small, very small like a baby. I have to mostly avoid cutting my nails, coz it will make them look nails of a toddler. 

Since i love nail art so i don't leave any stone turned to have them on my tiny mini nails. if you are facing the same problem as i do, here are some simple, easy to do nail art ideas, that will look gorgeous on your nails, no matter how small they are. 

Easy Breezy Nail art Ideas for Small Nails: Check out Here

If you have a little princess who love nail art, these will look amazing on her nails too!

Give them a try! 

Try all these gorgeous nail art ideas and do show me!

Lots of Love!!!