Tips to make your manicure last longer!

With the large variety of makeup and cosmetic products, nail paints too have their own standards and is considered a luxury by many women. This is a common experience with all of us that the manicure doesn’t stay on for more than 3-4 days, no matter how good the quality of the nail paint is. It requires a lot of patience and care to make those beautiful nails last longer and here I am listing down few tricks to increase the life of your manicure!

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

1. Vinegar

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Apply some vinegar to the nails before applying the nail paint with the help of a cotton swab or cotton ball. Vinegar helps to clean your nail and remove the dirt build up around them which ultimately makes the nail paint stay longer. You can always apply vinegar before you apply the base coat and allow it to dry completely, after which you can proceed with your manicure.

2. Do Not Soak Your Hands Before The Manicure

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Many of us have a habit of soaking hands in warm or cold water before applying nail paint. Water makes your nail more brittle and also leaves your nails with a sticky surface. Hence, there are maximum chances that the nail paint slips out soon. Soaking hands before applying nail paint are sometime practiced by many beauticians too, but you need not do that at all!

3. Apply A Base Coat

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

You can always apply a sticky base coat before applying the nail paint. Sticky base coat keeps your nails healthy and also holds the nail paint well for a longer period of time.

4. Re-Apply Top Coat

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Top coating is a must for the manicure to stay longer. You should apply the topcoat even after 2-3 days; this will keep the nails fresh and also will help in maintaining the manicure.

5. Shake Well Before Use

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Instead of shaking the nail paint bottle up and down, you should rub it hard between your palms. The heat present in the palms helps to make the nail paint molecules more active inside the bottle and this also prevents bubbles. Bubbles tend to rise when you shake the bottle vigorously in up and down direction.

6. Dry In Cool And Natural Air

99% of us have a habit to dry the manicure by blowing air from the mouth. Air released from the mouth is usually warm which is harmful for the nail paint. Allow the nail paint to dry in cool air or leave them to dry naturally.

7. Apply Two Coats Towards The Top

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

You should always apply two coats towards the nail top. Nail top mostly tends to free the molecules sooner, thus losing the nail paint from the top. Nail top are more prone to frequent friction, hence the nail paint get rubbed off.

8. Wash Your Hands

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Though, you want to keep your manicure safe, you cannot avoid washing your hands on daily basis. It is also necessary to wash the hands for hygiene purpose. Use some mild hand wash or soap to wash the hand but not sanitizers. Sanitizers have the same property as nail paint removers. So, keep your sanitizers to remove the nail paints, but you cannot maintain your manicures with them.

9. Washing Utensils

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

While washing utensils, you can use plastic gloves so that you can do the work with ease protecting the beautiful manicure. Do not rub vigorously towards the nail top, as they are very brittle which may pull the nail paint out.

10. Away From Perfumes, Deodorants and Body Mists

10 Ways To Keep Your Manicure Last Longer

Perfumes, deodorants and body mists are the alternate products used to remove nail paint in absence of a nail remover. These essentials are used to remove nail paints which makes these a totally opposite element in maintaining the manicure. They have a quick reaction with the nail which results in the nail paint getting rubbed off completely. Keep safe distance while spraying body mists, perfumes, and deodorants.

Hope you all loved all these tips!

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