Crazy ideas for personalizing your wedding!

Weddings and other big parties can be stressful events to plan. There are so many details—where do you begin? The thing to remember is that as long as you’re true to your personal style, you’re enjoying the process, and you find yourself excited about all the little choices you make, you’re pretty much guaranteed to create a picture-perfect day. 

That’s our philosophy, anyway. We certainly can’t cover all the clever and sophisticated ways you can personalize your wedding, but we thought we’d try to get your wheels turning by sharing a few of our favorites today. Tell us what you love in the comments!
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    An Ice Cream Cart

    PHOTO: Jose Villa
    A wedding cake is a must-have, but why not offer guests some more options for dessert? Not only is ice cream a delicious treat, but also, strolling over to a cart is a fun activity for guests to enjoy.
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    Handmade Signage

    Give your guests direction while instilling your personal sense of style by hand-making wooden signage for your big day. The font and colors you select will set your event's tone for guests as soon as they pull in the driveway.
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    A Gift-Bearing Donkey

    PHOTO: Jose Villa
    Why have a gift table when you could have a gift donkey? When we discovered this little guy at a Mexican wedding, it was love at first sight. It’s the sort of detail that will definitely get people talking.
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    Personalized Swizzle Sticks

    PHOTO: Liz Banfield
    Sure, your cocktails don’t need swizzle sticks, but it’s one more opportunity to express your wedding “brand.” We love a classic monogram, but other motifs or icons that tie in with the location or theme—such as flamingos or moose—are also fun options.
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    Playful Place Cards

    No matter what style your wedding is, there are so many elegant things you do with your place cards. We love how these lemon and lime place card holders are both colorful and playful.
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    Location-Inspired Save the Dates

    There’s no need to get too fancy with your save-the-dates. They are traditionally not as formal as wedding invitations. But we love the idea of getting guests excited about the wedding early on with photography of or imagery inspired by the wedding location. For this Palm Springs wedding, for instance, save the dates featured desert snapshots.
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    Statement Dinnerware

    PHOTO: Peter Davis
    On a similar note, patterned dinnerware is also a place to have some fun. Your tables will look chic and simple with solid tablecloths, but when dinner is served on floral or geometric plates, it’s a fun element of surprise.
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    Embossed Paper Coasters

    PHOTO: Liz Banfield
    Embossed paper coasters with your names and/or monogram and wedding date are a sophisticated touch that reminds guests why they’re all there.
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    Silverware Tags

    Tying tags around silverware is a fun alternative to traditional place cards. It also introduces another opportunity to add a pop of color with a strip of ribbon, paper, or ink.
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    A Unique Bouquet

    PHOTO: Sarah Culver
    Tightly packed bouquets of bright blooms are always beautiful, but you can lend your wedding day unique charm by choosing extraordinary branches, leaves, and flowers like olive branches, protea, or lavender. Get inspired by 13 alternative wedding bouquet ideas here.
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    Mr. and Mrs. Chairs

    PHOTO: Jose Villa
    Many weddings have chairs designated for the bride and groom. You don’t have to be so explicit as to write “Mr. and Mrs.” on them (though it’s okay if you do!), but you can denote the seating arrangements in other elegant ways, such as with lush greenery and rich ribbon.
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    An Inspired Seating Chart

    PHOTO: Joel Belford
    As a guest, picking out your table number is always a fun moment. There’s something great about knowing there’s a place reserved just for you, and you may even feel a little excitement or anxiety figuring out who you’ll be seated with. Instead of just setting place cards on a table, make the seating “chart” a destination. This table number forest, for instance, is totally clever and beautiful.
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    Memorable Entertainment

    A wedding band can make or break a wedding, and of course there are other opportunities to add live music to your day—at the church, after the ceremony, etc. We love the idea of adding music that you have a special connection to, such as bagpipers if you have Scottish heritage or a Hawaiian band if you’re from the islands.
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    Printed Table Linens

    White linens are de rigueur, but you can create a spirited mood and instill some worldly influences by choosing sophisticated patterned napkins, table runners, or other table linens. The little pop of print can elevate even the simplest table settings.
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    An Illustrated Destination Map

    PHOTO: Josh Elliott Photography
    A map is a nice touch if you’re having a destination or remote wedding or if you’re getting married at a resort or hotel where guests will be staying. We love the idea of having an illustrated wedding map painted or drawn in line with the aesthetic of your wedding. It’s a beautiful keepsake your guests can hold onto.
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    A Modern Backdrop

    PHOTO: Max Wanger Photography
    If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding, a statement-making backdrop is a must. But be sure the pattern or texture you choose ties in with the aesthetic of your event. At this modern Palm Springs party, a black-and-white-striped backdrop was the perfect touch.
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    An Embellished Aisle Runner

    PHOTO: Joel Belford
    We’ve all seen rose petals drizzled down an aisle, but that look can be a little too feminine or over-the-top for some weddings. You can still embellish your aisle, though, with more understated leaves, an unusual color, or even an embroidered or patterned runner.
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    A Floral Doggie Necklace

    PHOTO: Carolina Lima Photography
    If there’s a dog taking part in your special day, why not dress him to the nines, too? This doggie wreath necklace is chic and charming.
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    Screen-Printed Menu Napkins

    PHOTO: Aneta Mak
    A screen-printed napkin with your wedding date is always a nice personal touch, but we love how one couple killed two birds with one stone and printed the dinner menu on their napkins, too. It’s definitely going above and beyond, and it’s a memorable and beautiful detail.
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    A One-of-a-Kind Getaway Vehicle

    PHOTO: Justin & Mary
    The getaway car is a fun element of any wedding, but why not step it up a notch with a nontraditional vehicle? A boat, a scooter, bicycles, or even a tractor are all clever alternatives.

What are some of your favorite wedding details you've seen? Tell us in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!