DIY- Leopard nail art tutorial

Remember the numerous times we have gone on n on about how gorgeous leopard nails look? Well, today we are going to learn how to get em on our gorgeous nails :)

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Things Required :
a. Nail Color of your choice for base coat
b. Dotting Tool or Bobby Pin or a Tooth Pick
c. Black Nail Paint
d. Any Color that contrasts with the color of the base coat
e. Transparent Nail Polish

Detailed Steps:
Step I: Paint your nails your favorite shade of beige or any color you think would go amazing with black! Colors you might want to consider are baby pink, red and pink :)
Step II: Make circular spots with a darker contrasting shade.Follow the below stated color schemes if you are confused
Beige – Dark Brown
Red/Pink – Black
Baby Pink – Baby Blue
Step III: Randomly make the circular spots around your nails. You can either go for one nail if you want to keep it subtle or do em all, if wild leopard is your thing!
Step IV: Take your dotting tool or a bobby pin and dip it in black. Draw small brackets or the shape C around the circular spots as shown in the picture!
Step V: You can draw the shape around both sides or one. The more random it is, the better it’s going to look!
Step VI: Let it dry and finish it with a transparent base coat!
Another variant of this nail art is to color all your nails your favorite shade. And chose just one finger to do em leopard ;)
All you gotta do is take your dotting tool and make half alphabet c, semi circular black spots, circular black spots and voila you are done!

This is as easy as the leopard nails can get! Try them this very weekend!
You can try out some of these leopard nails as well!

A couple more DIYs for you!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. The first and third pics look terrible!


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