Quick Tips to Stop Your Nails from Breaking

Dry, brittle nails, are something we all do not want and would run away from if we could. I feel you ladies, I feel you. They chip, they break and they successfully create a major downfall in our mood graphs, am I right? Give these few tips a try and avoid your nails from being the hot mess that they turn into over time.

1. Chop Chop

Clip those overly long beauties. Sure, long nails are gorgeous and drool worthy to look at and sure you receive loads of compliments on how pretty they are and lots of ‘ohmygosh, I love your nails, how are they so long?’. But do you really want to be a prime victim to brittle nails and breakage. Trim your nails to a decent size, since long nails damage your nail beds and are easily prone to chipping. Clip or chip? Its your call.

2. Bye Bye Nail Varnish

Bid Adieu to your nail varnishes for some time, especially if you are obsessed with painting your nails (aka me, guilty as charged). I know ladies, you need your dose of nail polish to dress your nails up. But do NOT cave in, please for the love of clean nails. Unless Nail varnishes are completely organic, you and I both know that they contain an array of chemicals that will weaken our nails and take them from bad to worse. Try going Au natural for 2 weeks or a week at least, just like our body needs that much needed break, so do our nails.

3. Oils are the way to go

Indulgence is a must for your nails to stop them from chipping! Warm any oil of your choice and dip your fingernails into a bowl of the same. Oils are the perfect form of nourishment for our over exhausted nails, rub them into your cuticles and nail beds to relax and for that much needed pampering.

4. Prevention is better than cure

You know the saying, you have heard it all your life. So let us start implementing it into our nail care regime shall we? Cleaning, washing and keeping everything super tidy is sort of embedded into our Indian blood, agreed? We cannot rest till the time, everything is in its place and looks presentable. Well, Washing and cleaning also involves, exposure to heap loads of water and dare I say chemicals? Yes chemicals! Wear those gloves ladies, they are sold and made for a reason. Protect your nails from these scarring chemicals by wearing simple, inexpensive gloves. The chemicals in your cleaning agents, weaken your nails and increase breakage.

5. Eat your Greens!

Yes, a diet rich in leafy greens, fruits and veggies are a MUST for strong, unbreakable nails. Trust me, these are much better than all those nail strengthening products that are marketed to us on our shopping trips to the mall. The results a good diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins can provide- even an OPI cannot do the same. So be clever while you eat, avoid junk food and stick to a rich, healthy diet.

6. Say no to Professional Manicures

I know they are tempting, and I know we love indulging our selves with these. Most of us even think, a manicure at an expensive salon in Belgravia shall be the answer to strong, beautiful nails. You and I are both wrong! Manicures expose your nails to many chemicals, which are highly factorial in weakening your nail cells and beds. And what do we get in return for that 50 pound manicure? Nails more prone to breakage. Is it worth it? I think not.

So ladies, if you love your nails as much as I do, take extra care of them. Trust me nails are more than just for painting them pretty. Without them, how would you tap away on your cellphones or scratch that price label off  But on a serious note, nails are part of our body and deserve to be pampered and taken care of like we would of our face. Hope these tips help you all!

Lots of Love!!!