Blue ombre gradient nail art- DIY

When you have several shades of any color, one has to do something for using them all. I’m crazy for nail polishes as I’m for nail art so I do have a large collection of these cute bottles of heaven!

For using some of the forgotten colors, I did ombre gradient nail art using all the shades of blue I had. I also did a green one which will come later. And if you are thinking if these are my hands, noooo.... these are my cousin's!

Things you will need

Maybelline Color show Porcelain party 102
Maybelline Color show Blueberry Ice 403
Faces Splash Ultramarine Blue o4
Or any other blue shade you have, I had a nail art pen
Striper brush
Top coat

No need to use same shades or brands as I did! You can try out any other brand or shades of blue you have, just make sure they create a pattern of colors like this.


Step one: Clean your nails and apply base coat. If you do not have a base coat, apply top coat. Once it has dried, apply two coats of white polish and let it dry.
Step two: Pick out the darkest shade of blue and start applying it using the striper brush in small vertical strokes. Start this from tip of your nail.
Step three: Now go towards the lighter shade and do it with every color you are planning to apply on your nail.
Step four: Let it dry and apply top coat to protect your nail art.

Make sure to merge all the colors well. If you are not sure of the color ombre or gradient pattern, take help from this Blue color gradient meter.


Some of other nail art style following blue gradient pattern for you!

Try out any of them and enjoy beautiful nails!
Lots of Love!!!