How to be the STAR of your Fresher's party?

The freshmen year in college heralds the beginning of an exciting journey. You want to start off with a bang at the fresher’s party. You’re probably excited, nervous and just ready to paar-tay. But, I bet there’s one thing that’s putting a damper on your mood. You’re probably asking yourself the dreaded question: ‘What should I wear?’

Be Yourself

You know what’s sexy? Confidence. Many girls wear dresses and clothes that might seem sexy on the mannequin, but on you, it just looks odd. The basic rule of fashion is to always pick something that suits you. Wear something you absolutely love and feel comfortable in and you’ll rock the party.

Keep the look simple and bubbly

You know nude make-up and natural tones are in, right? Wear a subtle liner and mascara to make your eyes pop, add a little gloss to your lips and shimmer to your skin and you’ll look gorgeous. Going overboard on make-up is the first and the worst mistakes freshmen commit.

Look elegant and sensuous

Some girls wear short-shorts and look effortlessly gorgeous, others? Not so much. You aren't meant to fit the garment; it’s supposed to flatter you. Pick a dress or a skirt that is comfortable and easy to carry; something in which you look really classy!

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Do not forget the shoes. It’s sacrilege to pair a great dress with floaters. A pair of pretty, strappy heals will make your legs look as if Michelangelo sculpted them. If you’re not comfortable in heals, doesn't matter. Try flats! They’re great too.

In the end, no matter what you wear, it should complement and flatter you. Choose dress and makeup that flatters your body and makes you look stunning!!

Lots of Love!!!