7 Beauty Uses Of Baking Soda You Should Try Today

If we listen to our mothers and grandmothers, the kitchen is the source of literally everything. From headache to burns, from acne problems to dry skin, they have something ready in the kitchen as a cure. We all know the beauty benefits of turmeric and coconut oil, but have you ever considered using baking soda?

Here are few interesting beauty uses of baking soda that will blow your mind,

Say goodbye to oily skin

Do you have oily skin? Is your soap or body wash unable to clean your skin properly? Or after applying body oils and massage oils, it becomes difficult for you to remove the oily content? Baking soda can be your saviour tackling oily skin. Take about a spoon of baking soda, mix with water and apply it on your skin, rubbing gently. Wash it off with lukewarm water and continue basic cleansing process. You can reduce the quantity or increase it as per your need.

Skin Brightening 

Want to get rid of that tan? Baking soda can do it for you without causing any harm to your skin. Mix a little baking soda with lemon juice and apply it to your skin. 

If you have dry skin. mix baking soda with water and follow the same process. It is a great remedy to get rid of that tan or make your skin bright.

Use it as a dry shampoo

Dry shampoo can come in handy when you do not have time to wash your hair and need an urgently cleansing. But what if you run out of dry shampoo? Reach out for the baking soda!

Take about one Tablespoon of baking soda, mix it with a little non-sugar cocoa powder and apply it to the roots of your hair. Voila, fresh hair like never before (not literally though, but yeah, close enough).

Whiten brighten your smile

Do you feel hesitant in using teeth whitening procedures? If yes, Baking powder can be your saviour. Make a paste of baking soda and water and brush your teeth with it. Try this one on regular basis. Do not forget to cleanse your teeth after brushing properly.

Exfoliate gently

Along with sugar, baking powder can be a very good scrub for you. Mix it with a little water and scrub your face and body with it. It will not only remove dirt, but will also clean your pores, remove excess oil and keep our skin smooth and fresh.

Whiten your nails

Healthy looking nails can be very attractive. Remove that dirty yellow layer using a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture well on nails and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and moisturise your hands properly.

Natural cleanser

You can use baking soda for cleansing your feet during pedicures for removing the calluses and dead skin particles. But never use it to cleanse your hair. It can remove product build-up but can affect the pH balance of your hair leaving them dry and frizzy.

Lots of Love!!!