Beautiful Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

A wedding day is one of the most important things in a girl's life. Amidst thinking about her future, feeling sad about leaving her parents and siblings, she plans her entire wedding look. And yes, it can be very stressful too coz Indian weddings are full of a variety of rasams and traditions and you have to look your best on all of them.

Among the outfits, jewelry, and makeup, your hair becomes the crown of glory especially when it is your wedding day. You just cannot afford to skimp such an important day by not taking your hairstyling seriously. Here, we bring you a guide to style your hair in order to look gorgeous and breath-taking. Look at some of the best and prettiest Indian bridal hairstyles, especially for long hair. Before we start, in case you are looking to straighten your hair, you can check out the best hair straightening creams.

Open Curly Long Hairstyling

This is the easiest bridal hairstyle which is perfect for any sangeet ceremony. The overall look with the hairstyle can be enhanced by simply adorning a beautiful maangtika in the center partition for that complete bridal look.

South Indian Floral Braided Hairstyle

An ideal Indian wedding hairstyle can never be perfect without flowers in your hair. A beautiful braid covered with huge strands of flowers covering the entire hair length makes you look more traditional and beautiful. If you have very long hair, then this is just the perfect style for you.

Curly Messy Braided Long Hairstyle

If you have always wanted to look like a Royal Begum, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. The curly messy braided style looks perfect on long hair. Adorn a huge embellished hair accessory on the side for that grand look. You may even use beautiful flowers for that perfect look.

Delicate Bangs Christian Bridal Hairstyle

If you are planning a beach wedding, then a bridal hairstyle with bangs is the best for the occasion for a Christian wedding. Adorn a beautiful veil on your head for a princess look. This hairstyle cannot go wrong when matched with a tantalizing wedding gown.

Coiled Curled Indian Bridal Hairstyle

Coiled half up and half down hairstyle is in fashion these days. You may enhance the overall look by teaming this hairstyle with floral accessories for a perfect look.

Beehive Floral Chignon Style

This style gives you a vintage era look and elegance. If you have been a fan of Madhubala or Meena Kumari, then this hairdo is simply for you.

Get your D-Day hairstyle perfect as this is the time you have always been longing for. Style it, accessorize it and look the most gorgeous bride to woo your better half for the rest of your life!

Do share with me what kind of different bridal hairstyles you like?

Lots of Love!!!


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