13 Halloween Nail Art That You Need To Try

Our Halloween participation will never reach Heidi Klum-level craziness, but we like to keep it low-key festive. Let a themed manicure be your costume, because at least it doesn't involve fake blood or I-regret-everything glitter. From literal coffins to abstract candy corn, here are 13 spooky manicures to try this holiday.

Alternating Motifs

If you can't decide on a Halloween motif, dedicate each nail to multiple styles with this all-encompassing design.

Design by @hannahroxit

Coffin Nails

Take the coffin nail trend literally with, well, coffins. After shaping your edge, paint your nail black. Once dry add a gold outline and a detail to the center.

Design by @nail_unistella 

Dia de los Muertos

We've discussed our exhaustion of Dia de los Muertos face paint, but as a nail design? We're still down. Start with a white base, then add flowers for the eyes. Once dry and the finishing details in black.

Design by @lenareitz

Black Cat

Black cats are a bad omen, but they're pretty adorable as a Halloween nail. Give each nail a peekaboo kitten from different sides of your nail for a fun look.

Design by @lenareitz

Killer Knives

Have horror film at your fingertips with this killer look. You'll need clear falsies, then paint on each knife in silver and black.

Design by @nailsbymei

Slithering Snake

A slithering snake is a nightmare to most but it makes for a really chill nail design. Start with a clear coat. Once dry, paint a continuing, wavy streak in red across your hand. Detail the snake's design with white and black, then finish it with a topcoat.

Design by @flowidity108

Moon Phases

From waxing crescent to waning gibbous, paint each stage of the moon for each nail. To get the moon's irregular texture, try a small-scale version of water marbling using a wet cotton swab to dab the gray polish.

Design by @aliciatnails

Minimalist Moons

If you're more into minimalism, try this nude half-moon design. It's an understated Halloween nail you can wear well into November.

Design by @theeditorialnail

Swirling Ghost

Mix the marbling technique with a pumpkin hue for a abstract ghost vibe.

Design by @jinsoon

Negative Ghosts

Or take ghosts literally with this adorable outline. Start with a clear base, then paint the ghost shape in leaving the half moon of your nail bare. Add the eyes and mouth details in black, then seal it with a topcoat.

Design by @cassmariebeauty 

Abstract Candy Corn

Candy corn sucks, but its orange, yellow and white color combo can provide you with a inspired, abstract design like this.

Design by @paintboxnails

Beetlejuice Stripes

Black and white stripes will always remind us of Tim Burton. Paired with bright orange nail polish makes it a graphic, seasonal nail.

Design by @nataliepavloskinails

Ombre Pumpkin

The ombre nail trend is still going strong for Halloween 2017, and this sherbet color duo is just right.

Design by @troudelapin

Lots of Love!!!