Be Instagram-worthy: Tips to Take Better Instagram Pictures

You love to live your life online and share with your friends. However, you need to make sure that your pictures capture the true essence of your lifestyle. Taking pictures and posting them online is an art form and you can master it with just a little effort. Follow our tips to show yourself to the world in the best possible light.

Compose Well

Though you are going to be the subject matter of the picture, you also need to recognize that there will other things included in the picture as well. Try moving the subject off-center to make your picture look more interesting. You can also keep the things in the viewfinder to minimal so that your viewers can have good focal point.

Use Normal Light

It sounds counter-intuitive as we are conditioned to think that using flash would make our pictures brighter and more attractive. However, it also tends to make everything look harsh. The best strategy is to take pictures in the natural light. Go out or open the window to let the light come in, the choice is yours.

Go Easy on Filters

We all like to use filters to make pictures look better. It is understandable, given how much fun and versatile these filters are. But overuse of filters can make your pictures look contrived and made-up. Let your beauty shine in its natural aura.

Use Phone Camera

You read it right. Instead of using Instagram app to take pictures, use phone camera for the purpose. This gives you more control over the composition of picture. You can edit and filter your picture before you post it on Instagram.
Keep Your Lens Clean

Yes, it is one of the ignored secrets. With use, the lens tends to get smudgy and dirty. If you want to take crisp and clear pictures, wipe the lens clean for the best results.

Get the Right Size

Instagram requires the pictures to be square. But you can get around this rule without having to crop your pictures. There are various apps such as InstaSize which can resize your pictures to make them Instagram-worthy.

Lots of Love!!!