9 Annoying things women do in Delhi Metro Women Coach

If you spend a a major amount of your time travelling in metro just like me, you would have surely noticed that Delhi metro's women coach is full of interesting women or should I say annoying women who do everything to make your metro journey intolerable.

Please thoda adjust hona

If you are in a habit of crossing your legs, you are in serious trouble!!! There is always an aunty waiting to ask you to adjust and force her huge ass in the tiny space left on your side.

Peeping into your phone

Most women are so interested in your whatsapp and facebook conversations, that they will stare at your phone shamelessly. You can't play candy crush, temple run or subway surfer without a woman glued to your phone.

Bringing along their boyfriend or husband in the ladies coach

He is your boyfriend, not mine!! Most women think that it is completely fine if their boyfriend/husband travels in a ladies coach.

Aunties picking a fight for a seat

A metro journey is incomplete without Aunties picking a fight for a seat. Their fight for the seat is almost similar to the Trojan War.

Please mujhe baithne do, mai behosh hone wali hoon

There is always one drama queen in the ladies coach who claims to be tired and sick. So, you are tired. But, so am I???

Almost killing others with their Stilettos

There is always a girl wearing high heels who will step on your shoes.

Selfie Queen

Let's take a metro selfie. Let's take a group selfie. Achchi nahin ayi...ek aur lete h..

Sleeping Beauty

Konsa station h yeh? Sorry, mai so gayi thi...

Sitting on the floor

Sitting on the metro floor when it is empty and you are unable to get a seat is fine, but when it is crowded, aunties and some girls as well sit on the floor making it so difficult to stand... Aunty khade ho jao nahi to aap par hi gir jaegi ye janta!

Traveling in the metro is already like entering the Hunger Games, Dilli wali aunties never fail to add that extra little dose of difficulty!

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Lots of Love!!!