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The Gold Leopard Print Mani You Need to Try This Minute

What's better than a leopard print mani? A gold leopard print mani, that's what. We will show you how to create this sexy design with ease.

Prep and paint. File your nails into a shape that mimics your cuticles (the most flattering of nail shapes), push back your cuticles (remember, DO NOT CUT THEM!), and apply a basecoat. Swipe on two coats of a bold red shade and let it dry completely. Katherine used Zoya Professional Lacquer in "Livingston" here.

With striping tape, divide your nail into two halves. If you can't create a straight line free-hand (It's hard, no judgment!), order some striping tape on Etsy to keep in your nail kit and use it to create this look. Apply the striping tape midway down your nail and press the edges of the tape into the edges your nail bed to create a barrier. That way, the polish you're about to paint won't seep onto the lower half of your nail.

Paint black polish onto the top half of your nail. Katherine used Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Nail Color in "Black Out." Make sure to pull the striping tape gently off your nail while the polish is still somewhat wet so it pulls away from your nail perfectly rather than leaving behind tacky residue.

Create an abstract leopard print with gold polish. Don't worry if each leopard spot isn't perfect — they're meant to be different sizes, so you can't mess it up. It's artsy! Katherine used Essie Nail Polish in "Good as Gold."
Finally, apply a quick-dry topcoat, like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, and show off your work of nail art by tweeting a pic of your tips to @crazynailzz

Lots of Love!!!