Polka dot nail art

 I just love polka dots!

In shoes, attire, accessories or my nails, I have to have them. They are sooo adorable, cute and fashionable that no one can say no to them ever. If you are a fashion friendly person who love polka dots, this nail art might inspire you to work it out!

This one is the most simple nail art one can do! Just apply nail paint and make polka dots! J

You can use any color of nail paint or nail art pen for adding your own personal effect. This is the best thing about polka dots, you can have them in any color. I stayed with classic and traditional black polka dots. If you want to check out more nail art styles, visit my Facebook page, Crazy Nailzz.

 Things you will need:

Maybelline Color show Porcelain party
Faces Splash Royal Ruby
Black two way nail art pen
White two way nail art pen

In case you do not have nail art pens, use a black and white nail polish. Make dots with a ball point pen or a bobby pin or anything that can help in getting those polka dots. Let your inner creative artist loose for this!

Try this nail art and enjoy!

Lots of love!!


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