DIY- Blue Checkered Nail art

Today we will make a very simple nail art. This is one is for those who feel that they cannot do it!
Nail art is very easy, given you can do those basic tricks. have a freehand with your creativity, use those nail art tools and you are good to go!

Today’s nail art is a Blue checkered nail art. I did this one after working on the review of the Lakmé True Wear Color Crush Blue 27. You can read about it here.

Things you will need

Lakmé True Wear Color Crush Blue 27
Nail art striper brush or Two way nail art pen in black
Maybelline Colorama Intenso Black (in case you do not have nail art pen)
Maybelline Color show Porcelain Party
Any top coat


  Step One: Clean your nails and apply the base coat. Once it is dry Apply Lakmé True Wear Color Crush Blue 27 in two coats. Do it on all ten nails and let the polish dry. 

  Step Two: Once it has dried, take your nail art striper brush, dip it in black polish and make diagonal lines with a little space between them. Now make lines on the opposite side, diagonally crossing through the previous lines. You should have formed a checkered pattern on all your nails.

  Step Three: Now use Maybelline Color show Porcelain party and fill checkered boxes, leaving one blue. Now in each line you should have one blue, one white, one blue one white and so on.

  Step Four: Once it has dried, apply top coat and Voila! Here you have a checkered nail art. 

You can experiment the look of the nail art by using different colors such as red & white, Black & white, White & pink, Pink & red, and so on.

Make it and do share it with me on my Facebook page, Crazy nailzz.

Lots of Love!!!


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