20 Trends Guys Hate (But Women Love)

We love the makeup, I love shopping, staring at endless hours in the shops and run  to take the new fashion trends!It is in our nature because we are women! But many times then that think outside of what you like about us, what they like and "him". And not only refer to our good.  "He" is my colleague in the office, our closest friends, our boss, even the obnoxious neighbor. 

The fact is,  you love women, it is not necessary that like the  male  population. These are the trends that we love and those  of hate and do not want to see any woman.

1. The fur vest (Fur Vest)

Most of the hate and see it as a garment that just adds unnecessary bulk.

2. Loose sweater (Oversized Sweaters)

We love them literally, is convenient, warm and stylish but men  fail to understand why when you have an "interest" bodice, should be so well hidden. 

3. The huge bags

All we heard the following cue with different variations: "Oh well what you carry in there? All your property or any corpse?" For us it is an absolute must-have accessories, useful because it helps us in our daily lives to have with us that we needed (makeup paraphernalia until taperaki mama). They did not say to understand it!

4. Ugg Boots

10 out of 10 men verified hate fur type Ugg boots!  theories distasteful, crude, full 'murder' of femininity in a nutshell.We however worn as the following photo we can change their mind ... or maybe not?

5. Psilomesa Jeans / Shorts / Pants (High-waisted)

Opinions differ on this trend. Many have no problem, but for some reminds something from their mom to 80's. Well you do get used to but we have to say we, as this is the trend of the decade and the most love!

6. Towering heels (Ultra-high heels)

I do not like them at all, or because in some cases we pass on the level, or because they see us have difficulty walking and moan all night that hurt our feet. In short if you do not "have it" do not bother and do not satisfied unjustly!

7.  Artificial, far away and crowded nails (Fake nails)

The truth is I do not like anything that  is or appears fake.

8. chopped / androgynous shoes (track soles / androgynous shoes etc)

Generally subject to the shoes as you understood. The  heels of worship, the Flat to tolerate, the Starakis and sports consider them a necessary evil, but what can not stomach is huge coarsely shoes. Fashion dictates the chevron bootties for example but to them like bricks, with military boots generally have described many and various.We believe that it depends on the shoe, the style of a girl, how to wear it and of course say no excesses.

9.  Peplums

To peplum is the tendency that come in skirts, shirts, blouses, jackets and while your garment is in a straight line to the finish opens creating a line A.  For some body types are salutary and generally considered chic outfit, but for men you  like it got dressed to cover your pregnancy just do not understand why they exist.

10. The short hair (Short Haircuts)

In  men like  the  long hair, full stop . For God's sake, do not say that there are exceptions, but unfortunately few.We may believe that  the near extreme boyish haircut ala Rihanna goddesses and we can direct fashion People agree, but few sexy men going to our  find! T Why the long, natural wool, donning and make and break loose, the man did not change anything! 

11. The intense coloring ( Heavy Makeup) 

We are not saying to go out unpainted and unkempt but the exaggeration is a huge disadvantage. P. aratirimena and this agrees the vast majority of men consider the sexiest woman when is simpler because it brings to mind something innocent and natural! 

12.  Skirts long back and short front ( Mullet Dresses)

Although it is quite fashionable such skirts, not like at all because quite simply cover the best for them, the back of thy body! 

13. Overalls (Jumpsuits)

Another trend for which we lose our minds while they (the ignorant would say) not so.  If you do not 'You have heard, the men's eyes seem like pajamas, astronaut suits, coveralls and other unflattering.

14. Too many big accessories ( Bangles)

As we said previously hate exaggeration, but in this case also detest the noise they make while they find and hazardous (fear not to take any xofaltsa, you know!). 

15.  T-shirts open at the side ( Side Open-shirts)

The shirts that are open to the side and looks inside the bra is not the best of them.

16. Bugs trousers and  breeches  (Baggy  Pants)

Bagan is the baggy pants that fall loosely around the hips, but narrows at the height of the calf. You can you like because you earn your hippie side. Men but l atrefoun pants that flatter and embrace our curves and not those who hide.

17. Hair bows

Any  bow in her hair for those not cute and as they say "if you have passed the city finally not have to wear it."

18. Caps

Not like when girls wear hats on top of their head thinking that you do not wear for the cold but so simply without any reason. Abyss!

19.  The very scent (Too much perfume)

We know that worship be sprayed with that new fragrance and likes to smell nice, but do not overdo it causes nausea!

20.  The over-sized sunglasses (Oversized Sunglasses)

For decades the huge sunglasses preferred by women, including numerous celebrities. Nevertheless the men thought that at best completely hide our eyes and much of our face, and at worst that make us look like ... insects!

They left nothing that we can put 

Lots of Love!!!

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