Pop Heart by Colorbar- Pop up colors for nails

Colorbar is one of the most popular name in the world of cosmetics, especially lip colors and nail paints. 

Similar to us, nail lovers, Colorbar also love to experiment in nail paints. Glitters, mattes, shimmers, and pop ups, the brand has almost all the colors which you wish to have on your nails.

When I first laid my eyes on the Pop Heart by Colorbar, a collection of 4 pop up neon shades, I couldn’t resist from buying the set.

The set consists of neon Orange, Green, Yellow and Pink. Cute, pop up and adorable, all of the colors are fantastic.

The collection was for Rs. 500, which makes it quite cheap for four Small size nail polishes bottles. Each of them is of 5 ml so it will last for a while. The bottle shape is of standard Colorbar USA Pro nail lacquer shape.

The consistency is also good, but a bit sheer. Yellow and green one takes around 3-4 layers of polish to come up while orange and pink can show up pretty decent color in 2 layers only. It gives appearance and finish of gel polish so you will definitely love it.  

Some of the nail arts I have done using this are also given below!

Things you will need


Pop Heart by Colorbar

Two way nail art pen in black


1. Apply nail polishes of your desired color on each of the fingers.
2. Let it dry.
3. Once the nail polish have dried, use the two way nail art pen in black for making leopard prints on it. You can use freehand style. it might take some time for you to do it properly so practice on a plastic sheet.
4. Let it dry and top it off with a good quality top coat.

Keep posted for more!

Lots of Love!!!


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