DIY- Blue Wavy Nail Art

Summers are all about wearing relishing drinks and staying fabulous in cotton apparels. Add a touch of blue to your nails, with this Blue Wavy Nail art. 

It is a great nail art for your day on the beach too. Enjoy the waves of sea with the waves of your nails and stay fabulous! Try out this nail art and share it with us as well, how it turned out for you on my FB page, Crazy Nailzz

Things you will need

Any Top & Base coat of your choice
JINsoon Cool Blue
JINsoon Poppy Blue
JINsoon Blue Iris
JINsoon Kookie White


Step 1: Apply a base coat over your nails.
Step 2: Use JINsoon Cool Blue on the entire nail.
Step 3: Create an irregular, wavy line of JINsoon Poppy Blue diagonally across the nail.
Step 4: Apply JINsoon Blue Iris and JINsoon Kookie White in the same irregular, wavy way, alternating the order and width of the line.
Step 5: Once dry, finish with a glossy top coat to seal in your wavy nail art!

Lots of Love!!!

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