DIY- Make your own nail polish

How many times we have faced a situation when we want to have a particular color of nail polish but the shade is not available anywhere, is out of stock or very expensive. when you are a nail polish fanatic like me, one has to learn several ways of managing budget while buying nail polishes every week or at least reduce it using DIYs. 

This DIY is for all the beauties who love doing things in their free time and love experimenting. We all imagine about how nail polishes are made, so how about making one of your own. 

It's an excellent way to get custom nail polish colors you couldn't get otherwise. And I love the way this nail polish goes on and the way it dries - it's much more matte and shimmery than regular nail polish.

Plus, making your own nail polish is very cheap and fast - so why not give it a try?

It is rather easy than it looks, you just have to follow these simple steps. 

Things you will need

  • clear nail polish
  • eye shadow (I bet blush, body shimmer or loose eye shadow would work too!)
  • craft glitter
  • a couple sheets of paper
  • a toothpick
I bought the cheapest stuff available at Walgreen's - Wet n Wild. The name is cringe worthy, but at a dollar each for the clear polishes and three dollars each for the eye shadow compacts, it was a really good deal! And I am actually really impressed with how my nail polish turned out.

Pour out some polish

Step one and the most important step!
Pour a tiny bit of polish out of the bottles into/onto something you were throwing away anyway. I used a ziploc bag. You'll need extra room in the bottle for the eyeshadow or glitter you're adding.
In the picture, the polish on the left has had a little poured out, and the polish on the right is a full bottle.

Make a funnel

This will help you get everything into the polish bottles with very little mess.

You'll need a new funnel for every color of eyeshadow or blush you use, otherwise cross contamination is going to happen!
I folded a piece of printer paper twice so I ended up with fold lines to cut it into four smaller pieces and then used those to make my funnels.

Scratch eye shadow

Use a butter knife or whatever you like to scrape the eyeshadow from the compact and onto a piece of paper. Then chop the eyeshadow up - you don't want any big clumps, because those will be trickier to mix into the polish.
Put it in the bottle and shake it till you get even consistency.
Add more eye shadow or body shimmer powder as per your need
You can have a look at this DIY video for further steps. Use as many colors, types of glitters and polishes for creating your own variation.

Enjoy this DIY and do share your version with us!

Lots of Love!!!


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