Bobby pin makeover- Hair clips revamped

Since the first day I bought bobby pins and until now, can’t even imagine about how many of them I have lost!

Yeah, I know that feeling right! We all have done this!!

No matter what kind of hairdo you are planning to get, bobby pins are a must in all of them. They are cute, small and easy to use by all of us. From those simple black ones, we now have our hands on colored and printed ones as well as golden ones.

You can create whichever style you wish to have with ease using a bobby pin. Today I will tell you how to give this little hair clip a makeover, transforming it from a beauty must have into a trendy accessory itself.

Here you go!!

Painted Pins

First style is a DIY, for reinventing it into gorgeous hair accessory. All you need for this trick is a few long bobby pins and some nail polish. Slide the bobby pins onto a thick piece of paper and line them up so they are touching each other. With your nail polish, paint your design directly on top of the pins and wait until the polish is dry. I chose to do a geometric design with red and grey polish. 

Once the polish is dry, you can slide the pins off the paper. I added a little braid and pinned my bobby pins just below it. If you have dark hair and use dark pins, it looks like the design is printed right onto your hair!

Bun Crown

This style is super easy to do. Throw your hair into a low bun, then place your bobby pins in a crown form at the base. I used metallic bobby pins for Brigette’s red locks.


This style looks best when your hair is pulled back into a low side bun. To get the chevron shape, slide one bobby pin onto the hair, and then slide the next one through the end of the first pin, creating a secure angle. I made 5 chevrons, but feel free to add more for a more dramatic effect!


I did this one using different shades of same color in bobby pins. If you have a lot of nail polishes than make it yourself or go to nearest store and buy it in hair accessories section.
Apart from these you can use it as a triangle, keeping hair at place or insert them into braid for making it stylish and also keeping your hair strands at place throughout the day.

Check out all these styles and do try them at home!

Bobby pins can also work as a nail art tool. check out these gorgeous easy to do bobby pin nail art.
Lots of love!!!
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