DIY- Glitter nail polish

Now that we are clear with our basics of making our own nail polish, it’s time to take it a step ahead and add some glitter to it!

Are you ready to glitter your nails girls?

“From where can we buy this glitter nail polish” is a question I have been asked this question a plenty of times. So this one post will be the full stop to all those questions!
Things Required :
a. Transparent Nail Polish
b. Paper to make funnel
c. Glitter of various sizes and colors
d. Tooth Pick

And here are the steps :
Step I ) Buy all possible glitters. Buy em big, small, heart shaped, random shaped! Try and buy solvent resistant glitter. It would help the glitter stay longer. They are readily available in Amazon & Ebay
Step II) Take a suspension base for the glitter to stay put and for a longer period of time.
Step III & IV) Cut a paper in the form of a square. Make a funnel out of the paper by rolling it! Keep the hole of the funnel in a way that it fits the nail polish hole!
Step V) Fix that funnel in the nail polish hole.
Step VI) This is my favorite step. Bring it on!!! Pour the glitter in gently and let it settle
Step VII) Mix it with a toothpick and shake it vigorously and let it mix!
Apply black nail paint as base coat. Next apply the glitter nail paint you just made. And seal it with a base coat for the glitter to stay :)

Variation II
We can try out a variety of glitter nail polishes. For e.g., this solid single color glitter nail paint! All you would need to do is apply a solid coat of green. Make the green glitter with the help of above mentioned technique and ta daaa gorgeous

Variation III
This looks the best with white. Trust me! Apply a base coat of white. Take a clear polish and make a glitter nail paint following the steps listed below to get something like this!

Variation IV
You want to mix two glitters, go ahead and do that. And for best effects, pick two different sizes and you would be surprised. You can mix em with solid colors instead of clear polish!

I am hoping this post was of great help to you. If you manage to create something chic through this tutorial, do share!

Lots of Love!!!
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