Nail Aztec art stamping - Wanderlust Collection Color Club

Today I will introduce high nail art colors ^^

The collection Wanderlust collaborative effort of Birchbox and Color Club.
Green: London Calling
Coral: Reign In Spain
The Parma: Pardon My French
Beige / off-white Mod In Manhattan
Kiko and the 389 that I slightly modified the brightening a little
I love these neon pastel colors (it's said that? XD) that are easily sunny days.

To achieve this nail art stamping, I used one of my darlings plates Topatopa number 3
(Photo credit stamping plate )
I used the technique that I like a lot right now: the inverted stamping or DIY nail wrap :)
These Colors Club are perfect for this technique because good coverage, they do not lose the brilliance of color way.
After in terms of their application to the nails, being thick enough, we must tame these little buggers ^^
Personally, I love this medium texture style. Instead, I prefer those of ILNP for example. But hey that's just my opinion :)
But those there are forgiven because they are really too good ^^

On the index and little fingers (commonly called the pokey XD ) to avoid it if a little too busy, I decided to ask him all alone with some pretty nude studs I just got ^^ and I ' love to madness :)

Hello small studs pastels :) they are too beautiful ^^
It Reign In Spain, rosé fishing remains my favourite ^^
In the photo, it is hard to see his real colour. In reality, it is a little less orange and slightly pinker.
For those who want to buy products of this article, here are the links:
Topatopa the plate is> here 
Collection Mini Color Club is> here 
pastel studs is> here <
Mint Kiko varnish is directly or store> here 
mint and the watch I wear (and I love ^^) come from Holly Hype ^^ here 
:) I hope that you enjoyed nail art. In any case, he had a lot of success and I loved wearing ^^

Lots of Love!!!

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