Lakmé True Wear Color Crush- Blue 27 Reviews and Swatches

Lakmé is one of the most popular beauty brand in India. Whether it is the makeup products for teenagers or the office going girls, the brand has been serving all of them with its colorful cosmetics. From nail paints to eye shadows, from CC creams to foundations, from skin radiance serums to night creams, Lakmé has tried to serve the Indian Fashionista wholeheartedly.

Lakmé True Wear Color Crush range has 42 shades of Pinks, Blues, Oranges, Reds, Lavenders, Gold, and Silver, Greens, Yellows, White and a transparent top coat. From soft pastel shade to hot shades, Color crush has everything what a nail paint lover seeks in a brand.

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Today we are going to review Blue 27 by the brand.

As mentioned on the Lakmé website, True Wear Color Crush range is:

Long lasting, chip resistant, nail enamel, Lakmé True Wear Color Crush  coats your nails with trendy, vibrant shades.

  • Resins
  • Color Lock Technology
  •  Long Lasting
  •  Chip Resistant


The color of Lakmé True Wear Color Crush Blue 27 is a turquoise blue shade- teal shade. It gives a very nice color after 2 coats. The color remains same throughout the application and does not fades out. It looks fabulous on hands, brightening the skin instantly.


One bottle costs Rs. 150 for 9ml, which is quite fine given the quality of the polish.


I love the bottle! It is one of the most sturdiest nail paint bottle I have ever seen. I have dropped it several times, but not a single chip, (thank god!) or crack!

My Thoughts!

Yes the Lakmé website, True Wear Color Crush Blue 27 is definitely a great nail paint every nail polish lover will cherish to own. Application is smooth due to the applicator brush.
It dries pretty well as well!

The resin in the nail polish prevents all kinds of nail chipping or polish chipping, so it lasts easily for a week (my personal experience).

Some of the shades available with Lakme True Wear Color Crush

For a perfect gel like shade, apply it on top of a base coat and top it up with a top coat. It is great for nail art as well as you will see it in my next blog.

On an all, I will give it 5/5

Rating: 5/5

Lots of Love!!!

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